Tay Zimmer

Joey is the MAN! What he has helped me achieve personally, both in and out of the pool has been nothing short of astonishing!
Within 3 months training in THE PIT I got remarkably Stronger and Leaner! My start and kicks were the most Explosive they had been, my skinfolds were down and my hypoxics improved dramatically.
My new found strength, ultimately helped me become the Australian Backstroke Champion and Commonwealth Record Holder!
My continued improvements in the gym transferred to the pool where it culminated in Personal Best times at the 2006 FINA World Championships where I was part of the team that broke the World Record for the Medley Relay.
Joey not only helped me realize my potential, but helped achieve consistency and balance in all aspects of my life.
I’d recommend Joey to all athletes going for Gold!
Train Hard or Go Home!