Joey Hayes Net Worth..

Joey Hayes Networth…

I remember one of my first clients saying to me, “Joey your network is your net worth”. It took me a few years to fully grasp the concept. but basically, scientific studies have confirmed that you’ll be the average of your 5 closest people in your network., in terms of health, wealth and happiness!

You are the average of the 5 people you associate with the most!I know you’re reading this thinking, yes that’s interesting but what does this have to do with elite sports performance?


My professional team and network is effectively the USP’s athletic performance net worth!

Your network determines your net worth

Let’s examine my network….

Our physio is pushing the boundaries with revolutionary techniques and accelerated injury rehabilitation techniques. He’s been part of successful premiership winning elite sporting teams and organisations in a plethora of sports. With over 30 year experiencing rehabilitating the elite sport person!


Our Podiatrist is an author, presenter and practitioner with some of the worlds elite PGA tour golfers and Australia’s Track and Field Team including world champions and Olympic Gold Medallists. A former Olympic athlete with a tonne of practical experience as an athlete and practitioner.

6 Pack Foot Strength Podiatry

Our Speed, and Acceleration Coach has coached Australian athletes to world championships medallions and Olympic Gold Medals. 25 years speed coaching experience.

Our massage therapist has serviced the Gold Coasts best athletes for more than 50 years. World Champion Triathletes, Iron men and Iron women, AFL, ARU, ARL footballers and world class body builders, celebrities and international celebrities alike.

Massage Therapist

Our acupuncturist has been practicing acupuncture and chinese medicine for 37 years. Head of the international acupuncture organisation and our go to man when “nothing else seems to work”.


Our functional medicine specialist hails from Germany and specialises in pain management, digestion and hormones. Combine Traditional Western Medicine qualifications with cutting edge techniques from Europe and you have yourself one of the most qualified results driven functional medicine specialists in the world!

Functional Medicine

Our Chiro is national level Cross it competitor (but we don’t hold that against him) with more certifications and qualifications than you can poke a stick it! The fact he lifts and understands the impact training takes on the body ensures he understands what athletes need to get pain free and perform better!


Our Naturopath and Ayurvedic Medicine Specialist has travelled extensively around the world studying and consulting with the worlds best in order to master his craft! His ability to bring the body to back balance by tailoring individual protocols to heal itself with non-traditional means, needs to be seen and experienced in order to be believed! His ability to develop specialised herbal preparations and concoctions and supplements is second to none!


Our holistic dentist specialises in organic dentistry with a focus on overall health and performance. Inflammation in the gums and mercury toxicity can hinder athletic performance. His ability to identify athletes with oral health issues and provide individualised solutions has seen some our athletes improve their physique, body composition and aerobic performance with no training, solely through his services.

holistic Dentist

Our sport psychologist has worked with world class business people, tennis players, olympic level athletes and professional athletes from all codes. Their ability to get the absolute peak performance from athletes continues to blow my mind!

Sports Psychology

Our resident Chef is a nutritionist with an interest in herbalism and macronutrient combinations for optimum performance. He prepares and plans our athletes meals in accordance with our athletes dietary needs and requirements to ensure optimal body composition, macronutrient RDI’s and nutrient timing. His ability to make healthy food a functional performance enhancing infusion of delectable herbs and spices taste delicious makes him one of the most revolutionary high quality unique chefs in the world!

One of our Chefs world class dishes!

It’s taken more than 16 years to put together my Ultimate Sports Performance team!

I’ve read and been told that you should network like Paris Hilton, Ill be honest, I feel that form of networking is not good for long term relationships…

The connotations associated with networking…such as purposely identifying who you need to know most, then targeting that individual in order to take or gain from that association feels somewhat disingenuous, fraudulent and fake.

And is something I have never done.

All the professionals listed above, just happened through fate, good timing and co-incidence, rather than contrived and forced associations.

The referrals they receive from me, are not done to line my pockets with cash kick backs for referrals, the referrals are done because I know that these are the best people for that particular area to assist our athletes.

No Kickbacks here

They are experts in their respective areas and I trust them to do best by the athletes I send them. I am confident they will do job they are hired to do. They have integrity and follow through and do exactly what they say they are going to do!

This comprehensive panel of experts works together in unison by integrating their advice to provide a holistic approach to assessment, rehab and program design in order to give our USP PIT Athletes the best possible outcomes with any ailment or issue they may have!

When you train with us at USP, it’s a 1 stop shop! You don’t just get elite coaching and training you get our hand picked team of experts in every facet of sports performance! And yes, the best is usually expensive, but what price can you put on confidence and trust to know the job will be performed at an elite level!

Expand your network to expand your net worth to your athletes, they deserve the best!

All the best,

Joey Hayes