Heart Rate Variability HRV-never get sick again!

Never get sick or injured again!!
It’s a pretty big call to make..although we feel we can virtually guarantee it..or at least this new technology can give you a warning before you overtrain, get sick or even injured.

It’s called HRV or Heart Rate Variability and has been used by some elite athletes and successful sporting teams for the past few years.

What is HRV?
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a measure of the variation in time between each heart beat, otherwise known as the R–R interval or the inter-beat interval. The time between each heartbeat is not consistent, it varies with every beat. Measuring how much it varies can be used to access fitness and recovery in athletes.

ECH Heart Rate Trace R-R Interval

HRV Numbers:
Usually an increase in HRV represents a positive fitness adaptation, whilst a reduction in HRV reflects stress, a poor recovery status and an overtrained state. The HRV level can be used to help guide the training intensity and the timing of recovery sessions.

The biggest benefit is the simplicity of use and the minimal investment for implementation.

Equipment Requirements:
All you need is a blue tooth heart rate monitor, mobile phone, a HRV app and around 3 mins of your time every day.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

The total cost is less than $120.

The app to purchase is Ithlete it retails for $12.95


A trip to the doctors or physio when you are sick or injured is going to cost you more than that!!

Sample of an Athletes Heart Rate Variability using Athlete App

Sample of an Athletes Heart Rate Variability using Athlete App

Who uses HRV
Myself, Kurt Tippett and my other elite interstate athletes have been using these technologies for the past 3 years and have not been sick or over-trained during this time frame. The main benefit is quantifiable objective data-in other words your HRV does not lie!! It helps you ascertain if you are simply being lazy or genuinely need to rest and recover if you are tired or fatigued.

How do you use it?

  1. Immediately when you wake up place the heart rate monitor strap on your chest and connect to your mobile phone for Ithlete app via blue tooth.
  2. Follow inhalation exhalation breathing instructions for 1 minute.
  3. Complete the 5 questions relating to fatigue, mood, muscle soreness, sleep quality, stress level, diet and training load using a simple slide bar.
  4. Receive HRV data and rating. The higher the HRV number the better your system is recovered.
    The app will give you a colour Green = good to train, Amber = Cautious undertake lower intensity light aerobic work and Red = Rest and Recovery or very light intensity.

All the best,

Joey Hayes

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