10 Ways Athletes Can Improve During the Lockdown.

10 Ways Athletes Can Improve During the Lockdown.
Many people from all walks of life are facing various challenges.
Recreation and Leisure centres are closed. Outdoor exercise facilities have been cordoned off. Social distancing guidelines pose regulations upon the number of people that can congregate in any area meaning many options for traditional skill development and physical training are hampered. So with those challenges currently being experienced by many people
I’ve come up with a few things that athletes can focus on for quality improvements whilst the restrictions are imposed.
1. Potentiate Vision, Reaction, Co-Ordination Qualities (Check out AFLW Star and Richmond Tigers Captain working on these qualities at THE USP PIT Gym a few years ago)
2.Improve nutrition and diet knowledge and cooking, preparation skills. Easily done, capacity to enhance lean muscle, accelerate recovery capacity, focus, clarity, body comp and concentration.

3. Concentrate on injury prevention protocols
4. Focus on injury rehab protocols
5. Correct Flexibility deficiencies
6. Analyse sprinting speed bio-mechanics
7. Maintain Strength Training Gains thru body weight drills.
8. Mindset and mental skills development
9. Watch Replays of sporting events/performance for self-analysis and self-reflection and evaluation.
10. Improve technical skills (marking, kicking, handballing, goal kicking).
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