Novel Sports Science Technologies for Enhanced Performance!

Unless You’re Assessing You’re Only Guessing!

For many years coaches and athletes have relied upon 1 metric for gym performance-that being load lifted, height jumped or distance thrown for maximal strength and power.

Now thanks to novel sports science technologies we have amazing tools that can provide real time immediate feedback to quantify improvements in the gym-that don’t solely rely upon 1RM Testing, jump heights or distances.

Quantifying performance improvements in the gym using the Push Device!

Check out the video below to find out how our athletes are benefiting from the Push Training Device (an accelerometer that attaches to the barbell or the athletes body to quantify power and velocity of the exercises performed) resulting in higher quality, faster training adaptations.

Check out the video below to see how USP Professional Triathlete Travis Coleman uses real-time power and velocity data the Push device provides.

Benefits of @trainwithpush

  1. Measure bar velocity to adjust training and set velocity goals for reps to guide athlete when to end the set.
  2. Measure nervous system recovery and readiness (Perfect for tapering leading into competition)
  3. Measure improvements in maximal strength 1RM and power at sub-maximal loads.
  4. Velocity targets aid the athlete to select the optimal load to develop the desired strength quality.Resulting in higher quality, faster training adaptations.

All the best,

Joey Hayes