3 Training Mistakes that Are Killing Your Sports Performance Now!

3 Training Mistakes that Are Killing Your Sports Performance Now!

Warning! 75% of Athletes Make at Least 1 of These Crucial Training Mistakes…Don’t Be A Statistic!

Check out the video below to ensure you’re not making these crucial mistakes!

  1. Generic Programs

When everyone is performing the same program-it’s called Generic Programming. It’s far easier and time efficient to have everyone performing the same training program. It requires very little on behalf of the coach. It’s quite common at school, club, rep and academy programs. BUT Is not optimal and doesn’t address your unique strengths, weaknesses, injuries, sport or position played. How do you expect to get better if the program is not addressing your weaknesses. If you’re putting in the work you deserve to a guaranteed result. Besides-You probably haven’t even been assessed anyway. As the old saying goes-Unless you’re assessing, you’re only guessing! If a generic program is forced upon-demand better!

  1. No Clear Training Goals

Training for the sake of training without a clearly defined goal or target to improve. Means you don’t actually know what you’re training for. And if you don’t know what you’re training for you don’t know if you’ve actually improved or achieved what you set out to. You may need to get faster but you’re training using a bodybuilding program that will increase your muscle mass. A training program focussed on increased muscle mass instead of a speed training program will most likely make you slower and is counterproductive to improving your sports performance. Know what you want so you can set a clearly defined path to achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

  1. One Dimensional Training Programs

Are Training programs that only target 1 physical quality aka they are 1 dimensional. For example, a pure strength program that doesn’t have any flexibility or speed training component. Coaches and athletes tend to gravitate towards their strengths or may not be competent in developing other physical qualities like speed, endurance or flexibility and vice versa. Ensure your program develops multiple physical qualities that are relevant for you.

Avoid these 3 training mistakes and watch your results and performance sky rocket!

All the best,

Joey Hayes
M. Ex. Sci, B. Bus, CSCS, MASCA,