Strongman Camp January 2018


Announcing: The FASTEST Way to Become a Better Athlete and GAIN the EDGE OVER YOUR COMPETITION?

-Develop Lightning Speed!
-Super Human Strength!
-Lung Busting Endurance!
-Blistering Acceleration!
-Precise Sporting Skills!
-Stronger Marks!
-Longer Kicks!
-Harder Tackles!

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The Ultimate Personal Trainer Certification


Do you HATE your Job and love Training in the Gym?

Imagine if you could make a Great Living being a personal trainer…

Doing what you Love…

USING a UNIQUE, Cutting Edge SYSTEM that gets RESULTS Fast…

Delivered by One of the Most Highly Paid AND Successful Trainers in The Country!

Introducing The Ultimate PT Certification!

Producing The Most Knowledgeable Educated and Highest Paid in The World!

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Functional Neurology for Strength and Performance Seminar


Functional Neurology is an exciting new way to train for elite performance!

With only a handful of people in the world utilising these cutting edge techniques that are proven to get rapid results for all your clients…

Instantly take your clients pain away…

Rehabilitate injuries…

Optimise brain and nervous system function…

Instantly boost strength speed and power…

Enhance agility awareness reaction and vision…

This ground breaking course is for you!

You need to attend this seminar!

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International Summit for Health Professionals Conference


Wanted Health Professionals-How to make more money in your business, whilst surfing great waves on the most beautiful private island in the world!

-Best Professional Development

-Best Business Development

-Best Uncrowded Waves

-Most Amazing Food

-Most Luxurious Accomodation

-Telo Islands June 2017

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