Strongman Training for Athletes DVD

The Strongman Training for Athletes DVD will show you how to develop mind blowing Strength, Speed, Power and Endurance from head to toe! This DVD showcases the old school strength training methods used to develop a brutally strong, bullet proof body. The DVD outlines the perfect strongman lifting techniques to avoid injury as well as the MUST do Strongman Exercises to eradicate injury, correct muscle imbalances and develop a bullet proof core. You will learn 3 proven techniques to eliminate common athlete weaknesses as well as the SECRET Strongman Training methods used to develop mind blowing endurance and mental toughness.

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Olympic Lifting for Explosive Athletic Performance

Olympic Lifting for Explosive Athletic Performance is the complete guide to Coaching and Performing the Olympic Lifts. This DVD will break down the Olympic lifts into their components and show you how to coach the exercises with ease! By viewing the DVD you will be able to recognise the common mistakes athletes make when attempting the Olympic Lifts. You will learn the critical coaching cues and drills to correct poor technique for immediate coaching results and identify specific muscle weaknesses that contribute to incorrect technique. Who wouldn’t want to know how to perform the Olympic lifts, after all they make you jump higher, run faster, kick further and hit harder!

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Tackling and Wrestling for Australian Rules Footballers DVD

Tackling and Wrestling for Australian Rules Footballers DVD will transform you into a Lethal Tackling Machine! This DVD showcases the key concepts and drills for tackling safely and effectively regardless of the athletes’ size, height or weight. The 7 Steps for tackling success ensures players will never miss a tackle again! Players will learn to eliminate the 5 common mistakes when attempting to make a tackle. By integrating the secret wrestling drills outlined on the DVD players will rapidly increase tackling specific strength.

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Speed Agility Quickness and Reaction DVD

Speed Agility Quickness and Reaction is the Ultimate Resource to Develop Lightning Speed, Blistering Acceleration and Agility! This DVD outlines the key concepts for speed, acceleration and agility development. The DVD includes football specific games and drills that you can incorporate into the training session to ensure greater speed, quickness and reaction that directly transfers onto the footy field.

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Secret Warm Up Methods for Athletes DVD

Secret Warm Up Methods for Athletes is the Definitive Guide to warming up for the Ultimate Athletic Performance! This DVD details the exact 5 step sequence for warming up to ensure your athletes are physically and mentally prepared for training and ready to play. The DVD discusses how a proper warm up serves to develop physical qualities that will enhance your athletes’ performance and keep them injury free!

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Yoga for Athletes DVD

Keep Injury and Pain Free, Rehabilitate Old Injuries and Stay Healthy for a Life Time! This DVD will outline the key stretches you should implement to keep your footballers injury-free forever! Insufficient flexibility is one of the biggest weaknesses amongst athletes that restricts their performance and contributes to injuries.

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Ultimate Body Weight Exercises for Athletes DVD

Train Anywhere, Anytime using your Bodyweight as a Barbell! This DVD shows you how to instruct the athletes on the proper form and correct technique for each exercise, as well as provide you with methods for progression in terms of exercise complexity to meet the needs of the developing athlete. The goals for the Individual bodyweight exercises are included in the Bonus Long Term Athlete Development Book.

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Physical Assessment and Performance Testing for Athletes

Identify the Physical Limitations that Inhibit Athletic Performance. This DVD allows you to understand the assessment and testing process. This will allow you to see where your athletes are at in terms of their flexibility, strength, speed, power, agility, endurance and core stability. The results will provide you with an overall picture of the limitations inhibiting their performance. The DVD also provides corrective stretches and exercises to alleviate many of the athletes’ weaknesses and includes bonus targets and goals for each physical assessment.

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How to Structure a Training Session

Maximise your Training Time to Rapidly Enhance your Performance!
This DVD provides you with a visual template that allows you to see exactly what components to include during the training session and the sequence and order of training drills to maximise the use of training time. This DVD integrates the key training components that are integral to the development of the athlete. This DVD also provides you with the key games based training drills that Develop Lung Busting Endurance, Lightning Speed, Agility, Acceleration, Precise Football Skills and Decision Making Ability under Fatigue with the Football in Hand!

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The Ultimate Band Workout for Travelling Athletes

The Ultimate Band Workout for Travelling Athletes DVD shows you how to train anywhere, anytime, using a band and your body weight! This DVD provides you with a travelling training routine that your athletes can complete anywhere, anytime, without the need for a gym. You will learn how to dramatically increase your explosive power by harnessing the power of accelerated eccentrics. The DVD will expose the secrets of variable resistance training for Bigger, Faster, Muscle Gains! Discover how to incorporate the bands for 3 dimension total body integration for the ultimate workout. There are no more excuses for athletes not to train irrespective of their location.

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AFL Off-Season Strongman Training Camp License

AFL Off-Season Strongman Training Camp License.

Who else wants to make money doing what you love!!

Introducing THE AFL Off-Season Strongman Training Camp License

At last a Proven Blue Print for World Class Results and a Financially Lucrative Business!

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-The Ultimate Profitable Youth Training System Business Model!

-Your Off-Season AFL Strongman Training Camp License Includes:

-13 x 4 Week Periodised AFL off-Season Strongman Camp Program Templates covering every facet of performance including, skill and games based fitness drills, speed, strength, power, control, stability, activation, mobility and flexibility, injury prevention, injury rehab protocols, long term athlete development protocols.

-Specialist Recovery and Nutrition templates to provide your clients maximum results.

-Elite Psychology, mindset and leadership skills training to develop camaraderie and unity amongst participants.

-Coaching techniques, organization and set up structure to maximize training time, participation, supervision.

-Selection of specialized Off-Season AFL Strongman Training Equipment.

-Portable Training Video Template for easy access to exercises skills and drills.

-Automated Marketing Template for website, direct response marketing, social media and face to face communication.

-Detailed Email marketing campaigns-ready to implement!

-Streamlined Sales Process and Payment System.

-Autoship supplement program for recurring passive income streams.

-This is the Ultimate Turn Key Training Business System

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