Nat Barnes

Brisbane Broncos

Never have I met someone with such commitment to what they do. Joey takes strength and conditioning to new levels, treating each athlete as an individual and tailoring their programs to meet their specific needs. Not only does Joey make athletes bigger, faster, stronger, he also places high importance on and helps athletes become the best they can be mentally, encouraging positive thoughts and an upright way of life. Joey is always looking at new ways to improve himself as a coach, which keeps him on top of the latest strength and conditioning techniques and a leader in his field. Joey played a pivotal role in helping me take my game to the next level, and is a trusted friend whose support and advice I seek on a continual basis

Griffin McMaster

Brisbane Roar Soccer Player 2009

Training with Joey Hayes outside of Brisbane Roar training gave me a tremendous edge over my opponents. Joey rehabilitated a nagging groin and shoulder injury that had plagued me for the previous 2 years within 3 weeks! My reaction time, hand speed, lateral speed and movement between goals improved significantly. The results on Joeys programs were far superior to any other program I have undertaken at the professional level. “THE PIT Gymnasium” is a breeding ground for sporting success. The PIT boasts some of the best training equipment in the world; combined with some of the most educated and knowledgeable coaches who walk the walk and talk the talk. Joeys results for physically and mentally preparing athletes to succeed at the elite level speaks for itself! Joey goes above and beyond what is expected to ensure his athletes succeed! Overall I hugely recommend the services of Joey Hayes to all athletes that want to achieve sporting greatness!

Gold Coast Stingrays AFL Club

John Rankin GC Stingrays AFL Club Coach, Geelong AFL Club Recruiting Scout.

“Having had a significant injury list during previous years, I sought the expertise of Joey Hayes to map out, program and guide our physical training processes for the Gold Coast Stingrays Under 16 AFL Team. His ability to get athletes faster, stronger and fitter but more importantly more resilient (healthy and injury free) is his point of difference! The program the Gold Coast Stingrays received was the most specific, detailed and comprehensive program I have been involved with. Our team won the QLD State Titles and beat every other team by a significant margin and had a record 9 Gold Coast AFL players that were selected in the QLD squad. We did not sustain any soft tissue injuries during the 8 months Joey worked with us. Joey Hayes and the AFL Coach Education Package is the Real Deal and a MUST HAVE RESOURCE for serious coaches that want to get the advantage over their competition.

Dane Carmody

Sharks Duel Premiership Player 2005 and 2006
Joe Grant Medallist 2006

As the Southport Sharks Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Joeys’ record is impressive;

3 years at the helm, 3 Grand Final appearances, 2 premierships and a record number of junior players drafted to AFL clubs.

Joey’s unique strength and conditioning programs specific to AFL were pertinent to our success and guaranteed our players were physically superior in all facets of the game.

His uncompromising attitude, expectations and professionalism set a new standard of professionalism at the club, and forced players to exceed these standards.

As a player I was impressed with his dedication to the craft and the fact, he left no stone unturned in his preparation to ensure each player was at their physical peak!

He has an uncanny ability to get players to peak and lift during the finals series, when it matters most.

If you are a team or club, Joey can help your team achieve the premiership success you desire!!

Neil Makay

PBC High School AFL Sports Excellence Co-Ordinator (Level 3 AFL Coach)
PBC High School Queensland Champions 2006 and 2007

Joey has worked with PBC for 4 years. During that time our athletes have gotten bigger, faster and stronger! Joey has implemented long term athlete development protocols to ensure the development of our younger footballers. Our school prides itself on the development, results and sporting successes of its athletes. Joeys knowledge and experience have benefited our school strength and conditioning program tremendously! He is truly a gifted individual that produces outstanding results!