Costs and Requirements


  • We are one of the most expensive training services in Australia. This is by choice. Poor service, lowly qualified individuals and lack of athlete results are all part of being a cheaply priced training facility/organization.
  • To our way of thinking you can’t be the best and be the cheapest at the same time.
  • If you want breathtaking results in record time and you appreciate quality, then In Joe We Trust strength and conditioning is for you!
  • If price is your deciding factor, you won’t be happy with us.
  • We are the best and we are worth it!

Training positions/places available

  • Positions in our training programs are limited and are only available when an athlete is procured by a professional team, cut from our program or is competing interstate or internationally.
  • Limited training positions available in our programs ensure that our programs consistently exceed athletes’ expectations and guarantees that our high standards regarding services and quality is upheld!
  • We value each and every one of our athletes. Catering to a specialized niche market allows us to be highly selective of the people we train and allow into our programs.

Acceptance into our programs

In Joe We Trust Terms and Conditions-will not be compromised! To interested athletes and parents read this!

What truly sets us apart and confirms our reputation as the leaders in the professional strength and conditioning field is the standards we impose upon our perspective athletes.

We do not accept every athlete into our program!

We screen and interview all athletes and parents prior to program acceptance. This is to ensure program suitability, compliance and support of our training program. It is this very process that ensures adherence and leads to the ultimate success of our program!

Screening our athletes and parents is the cornerstone to the success of our programs and ensures that we have athletes who are ready and willing to commit to their success with supportive parents who trust us and allow us to do what we do best, which is transforming athletes into the best they have ever been.