12 Pillars Mentorship Program

By Undertaking the 12 Pillars of Elite Trainers Mentorship Program you will LEARN:

1. The Advanced Training Methods used to Train Olympic Medalists, World Record Holders, and Some of Australia’s Best Athletes. Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman Training, Accelerated Eccentrics Use of bands  Compensatory Acceleration Training and Accommodating Resistance use of Chains, Plyometrics, Exogen Suit utilisation.

2. The Art of Designing World Class Training Programs for Immediate Results! Fat Loss, hypertrophy, injury rehabilitation and prevention protocols, maximal strength and power development. Energy System, Work Capacity, Speed, Agility, Reaction, Co-ordination, Flexibility, Stability, Mobility,

3. Cutting Edge Nutrition and Supplementation Protocols for Dietary Success! Fat loss, Hypertrophy, Digestion, Brain Function, Cognitive Performance.

4. The Secrets of Systemizing your Fitness Business so you’ve got More Time and Freedom to Do What You Want!

5. Remarkable Sales Techniques to Sell Comfortably without Sounding like a Used Car Sales Man!

6. Maverick Marketing Strategies to Ensure You Have A-List Clients Wanting to Train with You! How to use mass media to propagate your message.

7. The Powerful Psychological Tools to Overcome Negativity, Procrastination and Laziness for yourself and clients that are Vital for your Long Term Fitness Business Success!

8. Functional Neurology for Performance Enhancement and Pain Management.

9. Neural Engagement Therapy for accelerated recovery, performance enhancement and pain management.

10. Functional Medicine techniques for the elite coach and personal trainer for elite health and human performance.

11. Blood Chemistry Analysis for diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies and toxicities.

12. Myofascial Techniques including Dry Needling, ART, Remedial Massage and EMS.

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