Proven by worlds leading functional medicine specialist

I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me…

It didn’t make any sense….

I was the man in charge of taking some of the countries’ best elite athletes to peak health and performance!

Dayne BeamsWithin 3 weeks Joey Hayes increased my vertical jump by 29cm, my speed, agility and explosive power went through the roof! Joey Hayes has mastered the art of strength and conditioning and fine tuning football performance! If you are fair dinkum about having a crack at playing AFL I’d highly recommend training with Joey Hayes.

Dayne Beams, Collingwood Australian Rules Football Premiership Player 2010, Collingwood Best and Fairest 2012, All Australia Team 2012.


Kael BecerraBeing an Elite Athlete in South America-it is challenging to find world class, experienced coaches with a proven track record of success and it’s extremely frustrating when you can’t access the information required to take your performance to the next level! Enter Joeys Elite Distance Coaching Program. Since undertaking the program in 2010 I have seen significant improvements in my life as a person and as a professional athlete. With Joeys understanding of all training variables he was able to guide, prescribe and oversee my training which allowed me to stay injury free and ultimately run faster! I would definitely recommend Joey Elite Distance Coaching Program for any athlete that is serious about taking their training to the next level! The best part is you can undertake the program from anywhere around the world!! Kael Becerra, South American 100m and 200m Sprint Champion.


Tay-Zimmer-Winning-with-her-increased-strengthJoey is the MAN! What he has helped me achieve personally, both in and out of the pool has been nothing short of astonishing! Within 3 months training in THE PIT I got remarkably Stronger and Leaner! My start and kicks were the most Explosive they had been, my skinfolds were down and my hypoxics improved dramatically. My new found strength, ultimately helped me become the Australian Backstroke Champion and Commonwealth Record Holder! My continued improvements in the gym transferred to the pool where it culminated in Personal Best times at the 2006 FINA World Championships where I was part of the team that broke the World Record for the Medley Relay. Joey not only helped me realize my potential, but helped achieve consistency and balance in all aspects of my life. I’d recommend Joey to all athletes going for Gold! Train Hard or Go Home! Tay Zimmer World Record Holder Swimmer


Matt Parks World Champion Karate AllJoey Hayes Knowledge, skills and experience is unrivalled. His results speak for themselves. Training with Joey allowed me to be physically superior to my competitors and ensured I was the best prepared! Joeys peaking methods and elite nutritional and supplementation ensured I would dominate my competition. Whilst training with Joey in preparation for my fights I got significantly stronger, powerful and more explosive. His odd, unusual and unique conditioning methods put me ahead of the pack and guaranteed I would be strong until the bell! Joey Hayes is an expert you want in your side of the ring. Matt Parks, World Champion Karate All

Yet my own personal health and performance was rapidly deteriorating..

Despite the fact I was training like an athlete..

Eating like a nutritionist…

Taking the very best supplements money can buy..and

Sleeping like a baby…

And I’ll tell you why in a minute…

Kurt Tippett SwansAthletic Superfood has helped boost my overall health and athletic performance. Made from the highest quality, naturally grown super foods which you can taste, it provides me the real nutrients I need to train, perform and recover at the highest level. Athletic Super Food is 100% natural and organic which gives me 100% peace of mind as to what I am putting in my body. Kurt Tippett Sydney Swans – AFL Superstar

And I have a dirty little secret that the supplement companies don’t want you to know about…..

The vast majority of supplements on the market are Ineffective and BAD for you…

Yes that’s right…most supplements are a con, a rip off..a scam…an outright rort!!

How can I be a world class coach, with more qualifications and letters after my name than in the alphabet…with a private chef, eat only certified organic ingredients, have a world class training facility, undertake expertly designed training programs and consume the very best supplements money can buy…


It was odd…gaining fat for no reason..falling asleep in the middle of the daytime..

I travelled the world searching for the answers to my health problems…and got wind/heard a rumour about this underground doctor with his own scientific laboratory specializing in blood chemistries, anti-aging, health and human performance…

I later found out that he was the secret of many of the world’s leading Athletes, Hollywood movie stars and A-List celebrities…

At 87 years young he was considered the world’s foremost blood chemistry and functional medicine expert/authority…who looked at 872 different markers in my blood test results to diagnose the problem…

He was stunned…in his 52 years in medicine he’d never seen anything like it…

Turns out, my phosphate and bicarbonate levels were off the charts!!!! My body was overloaded with these toxic substances and making me very sick…

I was downright confused…how on earth could this occur when I was living like the healthiest man in the world????


Many commonly used over the counter performance enhancing supplements were to blame.


Sneaky supplement companies use bicarbonate and phosphate as additives and fillers in their products which was the prime reason my body shut down and kidneys began to fail…

When I found out about this disturbing trend, I began to research all of the sports and nutritional supplements I was taking…

Revealed: Then I discovered the shocking truth about the supplement industry….

It was a revelation and somewhat scary to find out…Many supplements were:

  • A complete waste of money, did not contain the ingredients listed on the label
  • Chemically synthesized, artificial and inorganic… franken-foods that haven’t even been tested on humans…
  • Not absorbed by the human body and can be potentially toxic
  • Ineffective for increasing health or human performance
  • Making unsubstantiated health claims and benefits due to being largely unregulated industry…

What does this mean?? It means that the many supplements are a mystery, we don’t actually know about the side effects of these supplements are.

So what supplements should you take and what supplements should you avoid??

Jacqui Superfood 2Athletic Superfood is an important part of my daily routine and ensures that I get the very best nutrients I need to stay in shape year round! Jacci AlansonModel, Fitness Competitor and Exercise Physiologist

There is a solution is Targeted Supplementation and The Hayes Profile Blood Panel

And utilizes cutting edge scientific methodologies, I have been using with my elite clients for world class results!

My lab analyses 8 vials of your blood, urine, stool, hair and hormone samples to ascertain your individual supplement and dietary needs….

From this information we can find out about your toxicities, deficiencies and even your disease states…

We then design a targeted supplementation plan with your performance goals and needs in mind based on the results from my lab…unlike the shot gun approach I used previously on myself with disastrous results…

However, the Hayes Profile is extremely expensive costing upwards of $10,000.

Although this is the very best…it is largely out of reach for most people…and has a few drawbacks namely….

  1. Cost or price for the service
  2. Invasive procedures with blood tests, hair, urine, stool and saliva samples
  3. Turn Around Time for results and implementation
  4. Labour intensive/Time intensive for supplement implementation and ingestion.

daily nutritional supplementsHere’s a small selection of daily nutritional supplements required to be consumed as part of the Hayes Profile and Blood Chemistries

That’s 3 shelves of supplements, pills and potions that I was required to take in order to get me healthy…I’m almost certain, I rattled when I walked…

My goal was to develop a more cost effective, time efficient solution..

I travelled the world looking for a solution. But found nothing that met my requirements….

So I bit the bullet and set about developing my own specific unique solution…

Jack Taylor 7With my travel schedule, accessing high quality food has been challenging! Now thanks to athletic superfood I simply mix the superfood with water to have a delicious shake that will help me look feel and perform fantastic!

Jack TaylorMale Model, Milan

I wanted a single superfood product that:

  • Would make profound changes to my health and performance..
  • Could alleviate nutritional deficiencies and minimize toxicities..
  • Contained complete whole foods the body would recognize and absorb…not genetically modified chemically synthesized, artificial Franken-foods!!!
  • Was a liquid meal that was non-toxic that was a source of complete protein, a 1 stop shop that would give me all nutritional requirements from one meal!!!
  • I could eat on the run…or on a plane or in the car….
  • Easy and convenient to ingest if I was pushed for time..
  • Myself and athletes could use without worrying about blowing positive for a drug test!
  • I wanted it to make me healthier instantly, to taste great, be confident to use religiously knowing with full confidence that I was getting healthier each time I consumed it…
  • Had actually been tested on humans and proven to be safe to ingest….
  • That wasn’t supported by bogus research studies funded by the very own supplement company…

A superfood product that met these 10 stringent criteria didn’t exist until now!!

WARNING!! A Superfood product with 1 Major Side Effect..

At last a perfect superfood that has been consumed by humans for thousands of years with only 1 Dramatic Side Effect….

It makes you instantly healthier and allows you to perform and function better..

Introducing Athletic Superfood!

The most advanced health and performance superfood in the world!! More than 5 years in research and development…To devise what I believe is the most complete and best tasting, protein rich superfood on the market!!!

Athletic Superfood is Guaranteed to:

  • Enhance EnergyAthletic Superfood
  • Maximize Muscle
  • Improve Vitality
  • Accelerate Recovery
  • Decrease Body-fat
  • Alkalize Your Body
  • Enhance Immunity
  • Save Time and Money
  • Aid Detoxification
  • Nutritional Insurance Policy
  • Improve Digestive Health and Function
  • Reduce Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Asada Friendly Supplements

Harry Simington PicI’ve used athletic superfood to help increase my muscle mass and recover quicker from my workouts. Since using athletic superfood I’ve increased my lean muscle by 3.7kgs in a 12 week period.

Harry SimingtonAFL Gold Coast Footballer of the year 2013! 

The only all natural, whole food Premium, Superfood Cocktail designed to cover the daily nutritional needs of active people. All in one place. JUST 20 SECONDS A DAY is all it takes, You can naturally cover ALL your nutritional bases with Athletic Superfood ™. Ingredients sourced from whole foods, Increase the absorption of nutrients, boost your body’s alkalinity, and improve digestive health.


Super Charge Your Body with the best in 20 seconds with a super food cocktail!!!Plus lots more!

Matt HassAthletic Superfood is the perfect meal for myself and our players. Not only does it combine the finest highest quality ingredients but it also provides peace of mind for our players knowing that it is real whole food with no chance of blowing a positive drug test!

Matt HassBrisbane Lions Strength and Conditioning Coach

What makes Athletic Superfood so powerful is the ingredients and our trademarked manufacturing and extraction process….

The Perfect Superfood

What I’ve done is take 10 incredibly potent, freeze-dried super extracts of WHOLE fruits and vegetables and combined them in what I believe is the perfect superfood.

I chose each for their almost drug-like properties, and put them together in one incredibly potent, incredibly concentrated, incredibly easy-to-use powdered supplement.

No fillers, no extra flavoring agents, no sweeteners, nothing extra – just pure superfood.

Take a look at the ingredients first and then I’ll tell you why we chose them and what exactly we did with them:

10 Athletic SUPERFOODS Key Ingredients

  1. Organic Brown Rice Protein
  2. Raw Cacao
  3. Chia Seeds
  5. Spirulina
  7. Green Papaya
  8. Mangosteen
  9. Maca
  10. Indian Gooseberry

While you’re no doubt familiar with many of these fruits and vegetables, some might be a mystery. We based our choices on a number of factors:

  • A broad spectrum of carotenoids and phytochemicals, including the prostate protective lycopene and the vision protective lutein.
  • Vegetables that contain estrogen-fighting indoles.
  • Vegetables that have potent cancer-fighting ability.
  • Fruits and Berries that aid digestion.
  • Superfoods that lower cholesterol.

The major factor in many of our choices, however, was their incredibly powerful antioxidant capabilities.

That means that just ONE SCOOP of Athletic Superfood is equivalent to eating between 10 and 12 average servings of fruits and vegetables!

The real science lies in the development of the specific ingredient ratios.

This is vital to ensure the supplement is absorbed……the ratios of ingredients used are the same as what would be found in nature and in real foods.

Think about this for a second….do you ever ingest real food with 1000x the content of vitamin B???

NO of course not!

Then how do you think the body will actually absorb, recognize and digest that in supplemental form without turning toxic or simply excreting it, making your fluro urine very expensive!

Powder Supplement

Tell me about the Trademarked Manufacturing and Extraction process…

Freeze Drying is the Key

I know, you’re skeptical. How can one scoop be equivalent to that many servings of fruits and vegetables?

Actually, it’s not implausible at all. Each of the ingredients in Athletic Superfood is freeze dried.

Freeze drying is a process by which nothing but the water is removed from the fruits and vegetables. Each product is individually quick frozen so all water turns to solid ice. It’s then subjected to warm temperature and a vacuum so that the water turns to vapor and is essentially sucked out of the fruit or vegetable, leaving everything intact.

That means the pigments and phytochemicals have been well preserved. The product retains the identical phytochemical content, enzymatic activity, and bioactivity of fresh products. Furthermore, freeze-dried products have the longest ambient shelf life of any known drying process.

Drying Methods

But what’s equally important is what Athletic Superfood product doesn’t contain:

  • No added sweetener, natural or artificial
  • No food coloring
  • No added flavoring
  • No allergy-inducing grasses
  • No Testosterone-lowering herbs (i.e. licorice and bilberry)
  • No algae or other faddish ingredients
  • No added chemicals of any kind.

In fact, you’ll find nothing in Athletic Superfood but sweet, fresh, nutrient-laden fruits and vegetables!



I’m SOLD but tell me about the flavor????

What’s it taste like?

You’re probably wondering if I didn’t add in flavoring or sweetening agents, maybe the product tastes like grass clippings.

When I teach my elite coaching certifications….

I used to say, “If it tastes good, it’s BAD for you!”

Relax! Nothing could be further from the truth!

Ant-Cosentino-Prepping-for-National-Strongman-CompI can’t believe this stuff actually tastes that good! I tried it and was extremely impressed with flavor, most of these products taste like grass clippings! Athletic superfood is hands down the best tasting superfood supplement I’ve ever had! Ant Cosentino Australia’s Strongest Man U/80kgs

In fact we have 2 mouth-watering flavours available!!!

Athletic Superfood tastes like a designer chocolate or vanilla protein; there’s no need to mask the flavor and no sickly after taste.

In fact, many of us at USP just put a scoop or two of the product into a glass of water and drink it down. However, you can just as easily put it in a protein shake, glass of juice, or even on your food; it’s that easy.

While Superfood is incredibly valuable all on its own in ensuring your health and longevity, I recommend putting a scoop into your post-workout drink as that’s likely the time when you need the most anti-oxidant protection.

Otherwise, use it as you might have once used those obsolete vitamin and mineral tablets: one teaspoon with breakfast or at bedtime.

toxic supplements

Economics of Being Healthy

Check out the comparison picture to see the 35 different supplements you would have to purchase every month in order to acquire all of the ingredients contained in Athletic Superfood!

The total monthly cost to purchase a months’ supply of each one of these individual supplements would cost approximately $2076.75 and then you physically have to chug down more than 35 pills a day….but don’t worry with Athletic Superfood all your nutritional bases are covered within 30 seconds and Athletic Superfood doesn’t cost anywhere near that amount!

Max KennedySince implementing athletic superfood with our players, their energy levels, vitality and immunity has improved as a result of higher quality nutrition. I attribute these results to athletic superfood! Matt KennedyGold Coast Suns Strength and Conditioning Coach

You’re probably wondering why someone hasn’t developed a product like this before? Simple.


How much? Let’s put it this way, if I was to sell Athletic Superfood directly to retailers who’d then apply their own mark-up, a month’s supply of Superfood would likely cost about Two hundred dollars!

However, given that Athletic Superfood will only be available through this website, and to a few of my elite certified coaches, we sell direct to you, the customer. That’s why it’s possible for us to sell Athletic Superfood for the low price of $89.95, effectively saving you hundreds of dollars!

Think about how much it would cost you to buy 10 to 12 servings of vegetables at the store every day. Think of the time it would take to prepare 10 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Think of the gas . . . gastric upset from ingesting 10 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

If you take all that into consideration, it’s easy to see that the price of Athletic Superfood is tremendous value.

Athletic Superfood ™ Changed My Life

On a personal note, this stuff has changed my life. The rest of my diet was spot on. I ate the proper amount of meals a day; I ate the proper amount of protein each day; I monitored my carbohydrate intake to match my particular goals, but I was woefully lacking in the “health” department.

I didn’t like many vegetables. I found eating fruit a pain, not to mention messy. Beyond that, every time I did get the motivation to steam some vegetables, I limited myself to the two or three I found palatable. Despite my professed wisdom, I was no doubt woefully lacking in scores of vitamins, minerals, and specific phytonutrients. I was no doubt ravaged by free radicals. My muscle-building ability, not to mention my overall health, was no doubt compromised.

No more. We nailed the vitamin and mineral thing. With Athletic Superfood, we’ve figured out the last piece of the nutritional puzzle.

Annie NicholsAthletic Superfood is awesome! Easy to take..2 scoops is all you need! No need to buy 20 different ingredients separately! It tastes fantastic. I love the fact it has nothing bad in it! No preservatives, no chemicals. Just health in a bottle! Annie NicholsMother and Investor

Don’t Blame Me if You Miss Out!

Unfortunately, the strength of Athletic Superfood is also its weakness.

Athletic Superfood is a highly innovative, exotic, one-of-a-kind blend of Superfoods, berries, fruits, and vegetables.

Nothing else like it exists.

Nothing about it is “off the shelf.”

It’s very potent and highly effective at delivering a gigantic profile of nutrients that would take decades to begin to understand and a book to fully describe – all naturally occurring from plants.


So, what’s the catch?

You can’t simply just make more. You have to grow more.

This means that I will undoubtedly run out.

I’m doing everything I can to make sure I meet the massive demand.

Mick ParksAthletic Superfood is the real deal. I’ve tried hundreds of supplements and this has to be the most complete health food I’ve ever come across! This is the perfect meal for when I’m traveling or on the run! It gives me confidence knowing that I can consume a healthy delicious shake anywhere anytime and know that I’m getting the highest quality nutrients in an instant!

Mick ParksWinner Scrawny to Brawny 2011

Mark my words – Athletic Superfood will be on backorder a few times until we get all the supply issues under control.

So, if you want Athletic Superfood, I suggest you get your supply now, and purchase a three-month supply (about three bottles).

Otherwise, you might find yourself missing out.

Yours sincerely,



Joey Hayes
M. Ex, Sci, B. Bus, CSCS, MASCA


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How will Athletic Superfood help me?
Athletic Superfood is an all-natural, mega-nutrient formula designed to cover the DAILY nutritional needs of active people. Athletic Superfood offers more than any other greens or multi-vitamin/mineral formula on the planet.

Here is what your body gets in every serve:

  • Phenomenal Nutritional Insurance: (Nature loves Variety) 10 specially selected natural ingredients in optimum amounts that make it easy to avoid nutrient deficiencies and optimize total body health.
  • Energy: (Boost your absorption of nutrients and feel the difference) Whole food sourced ingredients in their natural form, with co-factors and enzymes intact that are recognized as nutrients and absorbed by the body.
  • Alkalinity: (Massively alkaline forming) More than 8 grams of nutrient dense RAW green superfoods per serve.
  • Absorption: Packed with Digestive enzymes, pre and probiotics that all work together to improve digestion and gastrointestinal function.
  • More Time: Get it all in one with each 12 gram super serve full of RAW greens, antioxidants, herbs, enzymes, co-factors, mushrooms, vitamins, scarce nutrients, adaptogens, trace elements and minerals, pre and probiotics.
  • Protection and Immunity: Full of super potent plants, fruits, herbs and mushrooms to detoxify and protect – each serving provides the antioxidant equivalent of between 10 – 12 servings of fruit and vegetables (ORAC 5000)
  • No Compromises: Absolutely no synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners of any kind, no GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides, no wheat, dairy, gluten, corn, lactose, sucrose, dextrose, egg, yeast, peanuts and no animal products.
  • Suitable for Vegans or anyone on any type of special diet.

Q. I am allergic to eggs, soy, nuts, wheat, dairy, gluten, yeast, etc., can I take Athletic Superfood?
Yes! Athletic Superfood is 100% free from all allergens.

Q. Why is Athletic Superfood in powder form?
To help you absorb as much of the nutrients as possible. Tablets and capsules are generally not as effective at introducing nutrients into the body. Apart from the work the stomach and the digestive tract have to do in breaking down the tablet or capsule, heat is another problem with food-based supplements like this.

The amount of heat generated in pressing a tablet or capsule denatures the enzymes and probiotics in the formula, which makes the ingredients even harder to absorb. Most of a tablet or capsule ends up as expensive urine!

The other factor is CONVENIENCE – taking the Athletic Superfood in capsules would require you to take 16-18 capsules to get one serve.

Can I take Athletic Superfood during pregnancy?
If you are pregnant or nursing please consult your physician prior to taking any supplement or making a change in your diet.

Q. Is Athletic Superfood expensive?
If you took all the organic superfoods, antioxidants, herbal extracts, protein, wholefood source vitamins and minerals etc. in Athletic Superfood and purchased them individually at the same high quality, it would cost over $390 per month, minimum! A daily dose of Athletic Superfoods starts from as low as $2.90 a day! No other supplement is needed to provide a complete nutritional daily program. Consider that the Athletic Superfood formula provides three times better absorption of nutrients than other formulas (and even more improvements in absorption compared to synthetic vitamins).

More importantly, this is the cheapest way we know of to cover all your nutritional bases daily. Consider that being deficient in even one essential nutrient can lead to a miserable sense of well-being and a host of health problems. Health Professionals agree that Athletic Superfood provides phenomenal nutritional insurance and it is also highly alkaline.

Most people spend more per day on a cup of coffee, or even worse, a bit of junk food.

In terms of value, please don’t take our word for it, take the ingredients list to an expert or have a look at our testimonials section at the bottom of the web page instead. There is a reason why we have the BEST guarantee in the industry!

Q. Do I need to take any extra Vitamins or Supplements at all?
Athletic Superfood is designed to provide you with all your daily nutrition needs. There is no need to take additional multivitamin pills, antioxidants, protein powders, laxatives etc. If you choose to take extra vitamins or other nutrients, please check with a health care professional first. Generally we recommend only the addition of a fish oil, or, if you are under immense stress or unwell, the addition of some other temporary immune boosters.

Q. Are there any potential problems with drug interactions?
If you are taking any regular prescribed medication it is always advisable to check with your health care professional first.

Q. Do I need to use Athletic Superfood if I consume fruits and vegetables?
Most likely yes as the quality of soil varies enormously from farm to farm, hence the nutritional content of the fruit and vegetables grown in that soil vary tremendously as well.

Q. How do I order direct?
Visit our online store and click here for prompt dispatch.

Q. How do I store the product?
After opening, Athletic Superfood has a shelf life of 2 years. However the ingredients can last for up to 5 years if kept in a cool and dry place.

Q. What is in Athletic Superfoods?
Athletic Superfoods contains over 75, all natural, ingredients. Every ingredient adds nutritional value to the formula! Does it seem like there are a lot of high quality ingredients in Athletic Superfood? It should. We researched the science, identified what our bodies need to get from nature, went and got it from nature, and put it all in one place. No hassles, no confusion, one superfood cocktail. But there is a reason other companies never do this….. very little margin for us. We rely on our customer loyalty to stay in business, and word of mouth to grow.

Q. What is NOT in Athletic Superfoods?
Athletic Superfoods contains no dairy, no wheat, no gluten, no corn, no animal products, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, MSG or synthetic chemicals, no lactose, sucrose, dextrose, no egg, no cholesterol, no yeast, or added salt. We only use certified organic ingredients where relevant.

Q. Where is Athletic Superfood Manufactured?
Athletic Superfood ® is proudly manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, using a TGA-registered facility with standards far in excess of cGMP and FDA guidelines. It is made clean and green.

Q. Is there a chance I could test positive if drug tested whilst using this product?
Definitely not! There are no ingredients that are on the banned list and every ingredient is an actual whole real food! The manufacturing facility only produces athletic superfood, so there is no chance for cross contamination.

Q. Who formulated and developed Athletic Superfood?
Athletic Superfood was formulated by research doctorates and nutritionists with a 60 years’ combined experimental and clinical experience.

Q. How is Athletic Superfood different to other superfood and greens products on the market?
The quality of the natural certified organic ingredients, the freeze drying manufacture process, the precise ratio of nutrients to ensure digestion, absorption and bioavailability of nutrients! The inclusion of high quality full spectrum protein differentiates athletic superfood from other so called superfood or greens products in the market place.

Q. What makes Athletic Superfood™ so powerful?
A. After one look at this supplement’s nutritional information, it becomes quite obvious that Athletic Superfood™ isn’t your typical meal replacement or post-workout formula; Athletic Superfood™ is designed to be the most advanced superfood on the market. It is loaded with cutting-edge natural ingredients that are perfectly formulated to optimize your body’s biological machinery. Athletic Superfood™ provides you with a comprehensive and efficiently delivered supply of nutrients and nourishment so you can focus on what matters most, your training.

Q. What makes Athletic Superfood™ so effective for such a wide range of athletes?
A. This formula was designed with fundamental athletic performance in mind as a full-spectrum nutritional superfood. Because its ingredients are all of the highest quality and proportioned in such an optimal way, they can benefit anyone who engages in sports. For example, bodybuilders can get the benefits of nutrients often gained from dozens of supplements combined, and speed athletes can gain the advantages of premium muscle-building protein without the fatty fillers often found in meal replacement formulas and gainers.

Q. Are all of the ingredients certified organic?
For each ingredient we have used the highest quality, most natural source obtainable. This means the majority of our ingredients are organic. Some ingredients are not certifiable as organic, such as extracts, ingredients grown in glass houses, and minerals (which are technically inorganic). We have sourced the most bio-available form of minerals possible.

Our ingredients can be grouped into four categories:

  • Alkaline, RAW, Extremely Nutrient-Dense Greens.

This is nature’s bounty, a careful selection of the highest quality, highest efficacy superfoods on the planet, naturally packed with goodness. These ingredients are freeze-dried to preserve their molecular structure. They are then cold-milled (hot-milling damages enzymes and nutrients) and blended gently into the formula.

  • Nutrient-Dense, Natural Extracts, Herbs, and Antioxidants.

They are extracted from high quality, raw foods, providing naturally occurring antioxidants, herbs, and phytonutrients. ONE serving of Athletic Superfood contains the antioxidant equivalent of 10-12 servings of fruit and vegetables (ORAC 5000).

  • Pre and Probiotics, Naturally Occurring Digestive Enzymes.

These ingredients help your gut function properly, thereby letting you absorb nutrients better. (By the way, once you open your Athletic Superfood, please keep it in the fridge or freezer).

  • Minerals.

Essential for body functions. Magnesium alone is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the human body, from maintaining muscle and nerve function to supporting protein synthesis. Likewise, chromium and vanadium help regulate blood sugar levels and insulin, while zinc and selenium control a host of biological functions ranging from maintaining healthy hormone levels to regulating the immune system. The challenge is absorbing them in sufficient quantity and quality, especially for athletes consuming a nutrient-parched, over-farmed diet. Athletic Superfood takes care of your mineral requirements. Every mineral in this formula was selected for optimal quality and optimal absorption.