Thanks for confirming your daughters’ interest in the Female AFL High Performance Camp!

You will receive the following information in an email shortly.

The Female AFL High Performance Camp will definitely help your child’s performance and give them the skills required to gain the edge over their competitors and ultimately get her to the next level.

It is great to see parents such as yourself, take an active interest in helping their children achieve their potential and be the best they can be!

Feel free to refer other interested footballers from your club or school and or other parents interested in enhancing their football performance to the camp and/or website (www.injoewetrust.com.au) or forward them this link:


For every athlete you refer to the clinic you will receive an In Joe We Trust gift valued at $25.00

Attached in the email will be the legal forms, health screen forms, Female AFL High Performance Camp location and directions that are required to be completed prior to the clinic.

The Female AFL High Performance Camp! Will be conducted weekly starting 31st October 2020 at: USP Miami.

The event will never be cancelled due to rain!

Feel free to call me on 0438 54 50 58 if you have any other questions.