Dear Health Professional,

Imagine if you could escape the Australian winter to a tropical paradise, enhance your professional skills and make more money, surfing some of the most perfect uncrowded waves in the world???

What would it be like to never have to stay in Australia during winter time again? (No more 3 month flat spells and freezing cold water, ice cream headaches)!!!

What if having a tax deductible business and professional development surf trip was easier than you think?

Often the hard part is to come up with exactly the right location and itinerary to satisfy all those requirements. I have spent 15 years looking for legitimate deductions and surf trips that combine the:

  • BEST Professional Development
  • BEST Business Development
  • BEST Uncrowded Waves
  • MOST Amazing Food
  • Most Luxurious Accommodation!



Introducing The International Summit for Business, Strength, Speed, Power, Hypertrophy,
Nutrition, Pain Management and Injury Rehab Conference!

By attending The International Summit for Business, Strength, Speed, Power, Hypertrophy, Nutrition, Pain Management and Injury Rehab Conference!

  • How to use Professional Development opportunities to have World Class Holidays with amazing waves!
  • How To Instantly Make More Money Doing What You Love!
  • The Advanced Training Methods used to Train Olympic Medalists, World Record Holders, and Some of Australia’s Best Athletes.
  • The Art of Designing World Class Training Programs for Immediate Results!
  • Inside Tips From Renowned, Experienced and Highly Successful health Industry Experts that Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk!
  • Cutting Edge Nutrition and Supplementation Protocols for Dietary Success!
  • The Secrets of Systemizing your Business so you’ve got More Time and Freedom to Do What You Want!
  • Remarkable Sales Techniques to Sell Comfortably without Sounding like a Used Car Sales Man!
  • Maverick Marketing Strategies to Ensure You Have A-List Clients Wanting to work with You!
  • The Powerful Psychological Tools to Overcome Negativity, Procrastination and Laziness that are Vital for your Long Term Business Success!

Plus lots more…


The response for The International Summit for Business, Strength, Speed, Power, Pain Management and Injury Rehab Conference has been phenomenal! Here is what other people are saying about this remarkable conference:

Matt Plant:
After being in the industry for 8 years i can honestly say this is the best conference I’ve ever attended! The location, the course content, the presenters, and the surf were world class. I’ve already booked my conference for next year!

Dan Rolfe:
I was sceptical at first, I mean how could you possibly gather some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the same place at the same time! It was great to talk shop, learn and of course undertake the relaxing island activities. This is one of the most unique conferences I’ve ever attended. I was learning yet, I feel like I had a holiday as well.



Take a look at the lineup of presenters

Presenter Bios



Joey Hayes is the Director of Ultimate Group which provides coaching services to Elite, semi professional and junior elite athletes. He owns the Ultimate Group RTO which provides elite coaching qualifications to personal trainers. He has a signature supplement line and is the author of 6 manuals and 12 DVD’s on elite human performance.





Carrington Blake is a Senior Investment Advisor for Wealth Management with Macquarie Bank for the past 12 years! He specialises in investment strategies for maximum return.





Josh Tolland is a Chiro specialising in ART. He has 11 years experience working athletes of all levels ages and abilities.





Santiago Ngueras is owner operator of Performance Eating Nutrition Company.






Mark Mitchell is the Director of Advanz Therapies a successful physiotherapy practice in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Mark has 16 years experience as a physiotherapist.





Andrew Simpson is an Exercise Physiologist and director of My Health Team. He has 12 years experience and specialises in rapid fat loss for overweight members of the general population.



Dr Gary Slater is the owner of physique science. Gary is a former AIS dietician and has worked with various elite athletes and sporting teams.

Alan Jannson is an Internationally recognised teacher and practitioner of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture with 30 years clinical experience.

Paul Michael is a Physiotherapist and director of Moving with Ease Physiotherapy. He has 16 years clinical experience and specialises in musculoskeletal injuries and accelerate rehab for ACL injuries.

Joey Coyne is an Exercise Physiologist and owner of Coyne Sports Injury Rehab.

Dan Curruthers is a Personal Trainer specialising in Crossfit athlete preparation and is the owner of Crossfit Caesar!

Luke Scales is a Chiropractor specialising in holistic health. He owns the mojo back centre for natural medicine.

Dr Lawson Heath Owner of Logan Hyperdome Chiropractic Centre has 28 years clinical experience.

Dr Dan Baker is one of the most prolific applied sports science researchers in the world of elite performance. having produced hundreds of research papers on strength training protocols for elite athletes.

Dr Jeremy Shepherd is a Level 3 Master Strength Coach and runs the High Performance Surfing Centre at Casuarina.

Dimity Davies is a Holistic Health Practitioner with 12 years clinical experience.

Jess Young is a dietician with 8 years clinical experience.

Please note we are still organising the conference lineup so there may be presenters added or
deleted to this list!

Okay so what’s the cost for this mind blowing conference?

Normally something like this would cost you tens of thousands of dollars, especially to access each one of these guest presenters individually. And if you consult with each one of these experts directly you’d be looking at well over an average of $500-$1000 per hour minimum, instead you have access to them virtually all day…it could take years to network with and arrange face to face consults with these guys. In fact it’s taken me 15 years to come up with such a high quality line up of world class presenter!

However I am only going to charge you a fraction of that price. In fact all it’s going to cost you is $4950.00. EXC GST.

That’s less than $84 week! (There’s even got a simple payment plan to ensure you can attend!!)

Why does it only cost this amount?

That’s what it costs for your luxurious boutique accommodation at this luxurious Surf Resort!!!

This is not your typical shit-hole 3rd world country accommodation, with a million people staying in the 1 spot!! Where the beds are infested with roaches, bed mites and the food gives you the squirts after 3 days…

This is the most luxurious boutique surf resort in the world (Tracks Surf Mag gave it 5 out 5 star ratings for exquisite luxury and world class waves).


Note: You may be eligible to claim this conference business summit as a tax deduction! (See FAQs below to see if you qualify).

Whats Included in Our Premium Conference Package:

  • Registration to the 7 Day The International Summit for Business, Strength, Speed, Power, Pain Management and Injury Rehab Conference
  • Accommodation in Custom Designed Ocean Front Bungalows with stunning views from your private balcony!
  • All island and airport transfers (air or sea) between Talo Island and Sumatra (Padang)
  • All meals, snacks, soft drinks, tea and coffee
  • 3 World Class Chef Prepared Meals Per Day



  • Only 4 surfing guests per boat (Instead of the usual 8 surfing guests per boat)
  • Use of all resort marine facilities including fishing, snorkelling, kayaking, SUPs, local canoes, unlimited speedboat, etc.
  • Access to hundreds of uncrowded world class waves within 10-60 minutes!


When and where is the conference?

Location: Resort Latitude Zero

Date: Saturday June 10th to Saturday June 24th 2017

Investment: 25% Deposit of $1367.00 + 9 monthly payments of $453.75

There is no risk to you whatsoever!
You’re virtually guaranteed to learn new ways to revolutionise your business, accelerate your professional development, experience world class waves and network with an amazing group of world class practitioners!!!

The money you invest in this amazing conference is nothing compared to what you will receive back.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take some well deserved down time, to refresh, recharge your batteries and come back with a new lease on business life!!!

There are only 9 places available as the island only caters for 16 people at anyone time. (I’ve already booked my place!)

Order Now to Avoid Disappointment and to Guarantee/secure your place in The International Summit for Business, Strength, Speed, Power, Hypertrophy, Nutrition, Pain Management and Injury Rehab Conference before they sell out!

Yours sincerely,

Joey Hayes

P.S. This is a rare chance to acquire this powerful information and techniques to transform your business into a smooth streamlined money making machine all whilst living it up and surfing some of the best waves in the world!! What you are getting is access to my go to experts for business and professional development!!!

In Joe We Trust Strength and Conditioning


What’s included in our Rooms? Private Bungalow Beachfront Living?

  • Exclusivity & Flexibility – Only 4 surfing guests per boat (Instead of the usual 8 surfing guests per boat).
  • Each boat will be guided and crewed by our experienced team.
  • Flexibility in room arrangements; with king size beds for single, couples, twin share and small families (large day bed also for the kids).
  • En-suite with walk in robe.
  • Outdoor Shower and personal board racks on the natural stone landing.
  • Air Conditioned, fans and or opening louver’s allowing the natural south breeze to flow through the bungalow.
  • Fully stocked Mini-Bar, for those more private afternoon drinks.
  • In room Internet Wi-Fi.
  • Housekeeping with complimentary Laundry service.
  • Room safe for your security while out surfing for the day.
  • TV screen with movie hard drive.
  • Access to Karmah Spa facilities with in room or private balcony services available as well.
  • All Island transfers between the Telo Islands and Sumatra mainland (Padang) are either with scheduled transfer flight or quality speedboat.
  • Use of all Resort marine facilities including fishing, snorkeling, SUPs, local canoes, unlimited speedboat, etc.
  • All meals, snacks, drinking water, juices, tea & coffee.
  • All airport transfers in Padang and Telo Islands.

The custom designed and built ocean front bungalows located on the picturesque south beach of our island, boast stunning views from your private balcony or Air Conditioned Living area.

When and where does The International Summit for Business, Strength, Speed, Power, Pain Management and Injury Rehab Conference take place?
The conference takes place from Saturday June 10th to Saturday June 24th 2017 in The Telo Islands.

Is this conference Tax Deductible?
This conference may be tax deductible depending on your personal and business circumstances. Independent tax advice should be sought from your accountant to determine the expenses that may represent a tax deduction.

Do you have payment Plans Available?
We require a 25% deposit to confirm your place and commitment and then its as little as $84 per week!

Full Payment is due 90 days before the conference on 2nd April 2017.

Where do I need to fly into?
Fly into KL, Jakarta, Padang.

What amenities, services and facilities are available?
These include:

  • Experienced surf guides looking after you for the entire trip
  • Well-maintained, Western quality, comfortable speedboats, operated by qualified, experienced speedboat captains
  • Bar services
  • 3 chef-prepared meals per day
  • Maids to make up rooms and wash clothes while you surf
  • Beautifully maintained swimming pool and gardens
  • Snorkeling and fishing trips
  • Eco day trips – including picnic lunch outings to other islands
  • 3 Mobile phone boosters on the island for enhanced reception
  • Satellite wi-fi broadband Internet
  • Full radio communication between all boats and the Resort
  • Hospital on Telo Island approx. 15 min by speedboat, in case of emergencies
  • In house Masseuse
  • Well equipped Gym
  • Gift Shop stocking Resort Latitude Zero merchandise, locally made crafts and jewelery, surfing accessories (dry bags, surf hats) and a small general store section stocking tooth paste, 

    toothbrushes, batteries etc.

  • Complimentary amateur photography service. Our surf guides and deckhands will shoot sessions of you surfing with our CANON 500D camera fitted with 400mm zoom lens. With a slide show of the days images each evening on the big screen with a few beers in the games room. We can download these images onto a USB stick at trip end for you to take home also if you wish – we have USB sticks with our RLZ logo in the resort’s gift shop for this or you are more than welcome to bring along your own hard drive.

Do I still get the non-surfing partner and kid discount if they surf?
Yes you do. These discounts are extended to make it more affordable for your family or for those who would like to bring along their partner to share a special holiday while still surfing epic waves.

Do I need an Indonesian VISA?
Yes. Visa’s are available on arrival into Indonesia for a fee of US$35.00 and are valid for 30 days. Garuda Airlines have Indonesian Immigration Staff onboard direct flights between Australia and Indonesia which save you time when you arrive into Indonesia.

Do I need Travel Insurance?
Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for all guests staying at the Resort and voyaging on our vessels. In over 15 years of surf chartering throughout Indonesia, we have rarely come across an injury we cannot take care of ourselves, however worse case scenarios are very expensive. Please ensure you are FULLY covered for medical evacuation, and please check with your family doctor to make sure you up to date with all vaccinations suggested for the South East Asia region.

Can I bring Duty Free alcohol to the Resort?
Resort Latitude Zero has a fully stocked and tendered bar, so we would prefer all drinks are purchased through this service.


How do I get to Padang?
You can fly into Padang directly from Jakarta, Medan, Batam or Kuala Lumpur.

What accommodation is available for those overnighting in Padang?
If you decide to overnight in Padang due to your incoming or departure flights, the following site offers a list of hotels available within the region.

Will someone be there to meet us at Padang Airport?
 Yes, we have a full Padang logistics team who will meet and greet you on arrival into Padang Airport. We take full care of you from Padang Airport and back to Padang Airport at trips end for your journey home.

Is there Duty Free at Padang Airport?
No, there is no duty free shopping at Padang airport, just some basic Indonesian style cafes. There are ATM machines and MONEY CHANGERS but opening hours and machines can be unreliable.

How far is accommodation from Airport?
Padang’s International Airport is situated about 40 mins drive from Padang City where most of the Hotels are located.

What is the exact location of Resort Latitude Zero, Latitude and Longitude?
S 00.14.024                    E 98.24.510

Is there anywhere to go out for a few drinks in Padang?
There is some great traditional seafood restaurants around the town to start the evening and all sell cold beer (well sort of cold). Things can get pretty limited for late night entertainment, the Bat & Arrow has a full bar menu in an outdoor setting, this is where you are most likely to bump into other travelling surfers. There is a variety of pool halls around town and for those wanting to rock on there is a recently opened modern disco in town called The Tea Box which goes till all hours. Dress code is long pants and shoes, no singlets or thongs.

Do I have to overnight in Padang if I’m booked on the 0830 Padang to KL Daily Flight?
There are 2 options for this if you are booked on this flight.

  1. Stay overnight in Padang and exit the following morning on Air Asia direct to KL.
  2. Fly Padang/Jakarta/Kuala Lumpur during the day and meet up with your flight departing from KL. Please check www.airasia.com for Jakarta (JKT) – Kuala Lumpur (KL) information.

Are there any restrictions regarding board lengths and numbers of boards with the small transfer plan?
The planes used are CASA100s. These planes have a pay load of about1200kg so although it is tight weight wise we don’t have any restrictions on board numbers or lengths. Most guys bring 2-3 boards. However in our collective experience as travellers over the years we suggest travelling light (regarding bags and equipment) to ensure your belongings don’t have any holdups along the way and to ensure everything arrives at your destination on time.

Is the flight out to Telo a private charter or public flight?
The transfer flight is operated by Susi Airlines. The flight is chartered for Resort Latitude Zero guests exclusively.

What nationality is the pilot?
Susi Air employ around 100 pilots and around 95% of those are Western Pilots.

Do you have some contact numbers just in case we encounter a problem on route to Padang or at Padang Airport itself?
Yes, our Logistics Manager in Padang will be glad to help with any problems whilst in Jakarta, Denpasar, KL, Singapore or Padang on +62 (0)821 7357 6172.


Can I be contacted at the Resort or on the boat if there is an emergency situation?
Most regions of the Islands have good handphone service these days so be sure to set up International roaming on your own phone for your private use or feel free to leave the above team phone numbers. For urgent matters please email info@resortlatitudezero.com and we will arrange direct contact with guests or the Resort Manager.
Our boats and the Resort have full internet and sat phone services.

How many surfers are on the Island?
There is a maximum of 16 surfers on the Island at any one time. We have 2 houses and each has 8 surfers per house. The only time there would be more is if there are surfing kids or partners along with the guest.

What type of food is served?
We offer an eclectic combination of delicious Western and Indonesian cuisines. Food portions are plentiful.

Can I pay by Credit Card?
Unfortunately due to our remote location and no landline available, all bills must be paid in cash. All major currencies in good condition can be used at the Island.

Photos and videos of surfing?
Each speedboat has a full photography and video kit. Our guides and crew will happily get some shots and footage of you surfing each day during your trip. We will download everything we have on the last night onto a USB. Please bring one with you or you can purchase one from our Gift Shop on the Island. This is a free service, we enjoy doing it and keeping people stoked, our surf guides do not get paid for this service so feel free to tip the
boys for this extra service.

How much money should I bring along to pay my bills on the Island? What is the rough spend?
Most drinks besides cocktails are around AUD $4 – $5, massages are around $20 and Internet $8 per hour so an average spend including a couple of massages and net hours would be roughly AUD$300 for the week.

Can I recharge my iPod, phone & laptop?
Yes. the Resort runs 220v and 50Hz, which is very similar to Australia. The wall sockets are 2 rounded pins (Asian power outlets) and we have plenty of adapters available. USA guests should see the Resort Manager for a special voltage regulator for conversion to 110v.

Communications at the Resort
The Island has wireless broadband 24hrs a day. The rate is currently Rp 70 000 per hour and is accumulated throughout your stay. This will be charged along with your bill at the end of your stay.

Can I buy gifts for my partner and kids from the Island or should I do this on the way through one of the cities?
We have a small affordable gift shop at the Resort selling Resort Latitude Zero paraphernalia, sarongs and jewellery to take home. The gift shop also stocks a small range of travel essentials for those who packed lightly or in a rush.

Can I buy souvenirs from local Telo People?
Yes, there is a few young kids starting to sell items at some breaks in their canoes. This is a great way of giving a little bit back and we encourage a bit of fun bartering and shopping this way.

Are the local Telo People Muslim or Christian?
Traditionally Telo (Sth Nias Province) are predominantly Christian. Missionaries came through in the ’40s and ’50s right through the whole Island chain off Sumatra. With government jobs and merchant and trade
opportunities quite a few Islamic people have also moved out into towns scattered around the islands and all live together peacefully.

What do the locals do for work?
Coconut harvesting and seafood/fishing is their main source of income.

Does it rain much?
On the equator we are not influenced by the traditional wet and dry seasons and get plenty of rain all year round.

Is Lagundri Bay (NIAS) Far from the Resort?
About 60NM from the resort.

What else is available on the Island if I want to pack light?
Some other items in our gift shop include toothpaste, batteries, flash drives, hats, surf hats, towels, wax , RLZ T-shirts and shirts. We have longboards and SUPs for hire. Please check with us to see if we have something appropriate for you to help you keep your baggage to a minimal.

Do I need protection from Malaria?
Prevention is always best. Malaria is a real threat in this part of the world however the fact that the resort is on its own Island and we fog twice a week makes it a very low risk. RLZ takes all reasonable measures to minimize your risk, but see your doctor for advice prior to travel if your concerned.

Other health concerns
Some travellers will update their Hepatitis, Typhoid & Tetanus shots, please check with your local GP and bring a good supply of any regular, specific or prescription drugs you are taking at the time of travel.

Illegal Substances? Absolutely Forget It!
This is Indonesia, with strict penalties (include death) for drug possession and trafficking, even for the smallest of amounts! It’s not only you that you may be putting at risk by being in possession of ANY illegal substance out here but also everyone around you and even our proudly built boats and resort. Indonesian Authorities do not take kindly to foreigners messing with the rules and will be sure to enforce full penalties on you and our company for violation. STRICTLY NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ON ANY OF OUR VESSELS OR AT RESORT.


What is the daily surfing situation with speedboats?
Each house of 8 surfers has a dedicated Western surf guide and quality Western speedboat. Each day is different pending swell, weather and surf guides call. Every day is an adventure, some destinations require a full day, packed lunch outing while others are a short drive away and allow for a return to resort for lunch. Day to day surfing calls will depend on the weather.

Do I need Booties?
This one depends on the individual. Booties are a great accessory for surfing over coral reef but not absolutely essential. If you don’t mind wearing these then wear them. There is nothing worse than ruining a great trip because of a small infected scratch on the foot. Wearing booties at least gives you something to push away from the reef with rather than doing the starfish and hoping for the best.

Do you have ding repair service?
Yes we do. Prices start from around AUD$10 for an average reef ding.

I’m not a very competent surfer or haven’t surfed much in 10 years. What’s my chances?
There are waves for all levels of surfers in the Telo’s area. Beginners, cruisey mal waves, retro fish and fun board, SUP, competent younger surfers, above average solid surfers and up to world class barrels for chargers and professionals. The Telos have plenty of variety for all levels.

Do you have spare surfing accessories in case I break a leg rope etc?
We have a small stash of fins and leggies to help out if needed.

What time is Sunrise / Sunset?
Roughly 0600hrs and 1900hrs.

How many and what style of boards do you suggest?
We suggest you bring along 2-3 boards. A fun shorter board (what you usually ride in smaller waves, perhaps wider), a down the line short board for those better days or tubing days and a step-up gun with a rounded pin
usually for the bigger stuff.

Do you have fishing gear and snorkelling gear on the Island?
Yes, we have a full range of trawling and spinning rods and reels, plenty of snorkelling gear and basic spear fishing equipment to use while out on the speedboats or back on the Island.

Do you have scuba diving on the Island?
We do not offer scuba diving at RLZ. Most of the beauty in this area is in the top 5m and we feel snorkelling covers this.

Do many charter boats visit the Telo Area?
Yes, some charter boats do visit the Telo area on their own surfing sojourn however certainly not in the density that has been seen in the Mentawai area in recent years. We keep open communication with most boats if any are in the neighbourhood to ensure all guests in the area are enjoying the stoke of surfing this special region with a bit of open space.

First Aid
Our experience in the field of dealing with day to day surfing injuries, general sicknesses and out of the ordinary tropical issues is second to none. Rest assured while on our boats or staying in the resort someone is watching you and will handle any injuries or illnesses with care and professionalism.

Our captains and surf guides have over 20 years experience at sea in this remote area and know the importance of being prepared for the worst and leaving nothing to chance when it comes to being confronted with a serious injury. This is our core staff and operators, the guys you will be surfing with every day.

Our staff accreditations in FIRST AID include:

  • Master 5 captains (first aid included)
  • Qualified Australian Lifeguard (of 6 years)
  • Spinal injury response, Advance resuscitation, Defibrillator operation, Senior First Aid etc.

We pride ourselves on keeping our medical kits and stores up to date and fully stock at all times and we are constantly adding and improving our equipment , learning and researching new and modern techniques.

If a more serious injury occurs than we are capable of dealing with ourselves, we have a reasonably well equipped hospital 20 mins away. This hospital was established by a Japanese aid company after the tragic incident of the 2004 tsunami and has doctors on call 24/7 and X-ray etc.

Travel insurance is mandatory for all guests staying at the resort and voyaging on our vessels. In over 15 years of surf chartering throughout Indonesia we have rarely come across an injury we can not take care of ourselves, however worse case scenarios are very expensive. Please ensure you are FULLY covered for medical evacuation, and please check with your family doctor to make sure you up to date with all vaccinations suggested for the South East Asia region.

Of course all of these precautions are just that, precautions. We prepare ourselves for worst case scenario, so you don’t have to worry and can kick back and enjoy your holiday in the sun knowing you are in safe hands.

Terms & Conditions

Travel Insurance is Compulsory

  • Comprehensive travel insurance is compulsory and must include MedEvac option and compensation for lost trip days and nights due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.
  • A copy of your travel insurance document must be submitted to your booking agent prior to departure and details of your policy MUST be carried with you to Resort Latitude Zero.


  • Bookings must be made through info@injoewetrust.com.au at Resort Latitude Zero.
  • Deposit of 25% per person for their quoted holiday is required to secure resort/boat dates. 
  • Bookings will be held for 7 days. If no deposit received within that 7 days the system automatically cancels the booking.
  • All deposits non-refundable.


  • Balance of payments is due 90 days prior departure.
  • All monies to be paid in AUD OR USD.
  • All monies paid are non-refundable, but may be transferred to a future date under certain conditions and with at least 90 days notice.
  • Confirmation of bookings and deposits will be sent via email once monies have arrived in Resort Latitude Zero’s (RLZ) bank account.
  • All prices quoted are for RLZ and/or Nomand/Mangalui Ndulu trips only and do not include any international or domestic fares.
  • There are no refunds of any kind given for poor surf, inclement weather, airline related delays or cancellations and late departures from designated trip date or itinerary. 
  • In Addition, there are no refunds given for reasons pertaining to unstable global, national, or local political or natural conditions that do not directly pose a threat to the safe operations of Resort Latitude Zero.

On Location Accounts

  • Due to our remote location we are unable to provide credit card facilities however a money changing service is available at the resort for USD, SGD, GBP and EUR.
  • All island expenses to be settled in Indonesian RP prior to departure from the resort.
  • Our own trusted staff in Padang can assist you with ATM locations providing your transfer time allows.

Airline Related Information

  • Padang Airport departure Tax rates are 75,000 rupiah for International departure and 35,000 rupiah for domestic departure. Departure, Airport and Airline taxes are the responsibility of passengers.
  • As you will be travelling to one of the most remote surf regions in the world that is occasionally hampered by unstable local politics, infrastructure and natural disasters please ensure the Airline tickets you purchase in advance are through an airline which is flexible with date change and destination changes and has a minimal cancellation policy. Again as per items under Payment – “There are no refunds of any kind given for poor surf, inclement weather, airline related delays or cancellations and late departures from designated trip date or itinerary. In addition, there are no refunds given for reasons pertaining to unstable global, national or local political or natural conditions that do not directly pose a threat to the safe operations of Resort Latitude Zero.” 
  • When guest agree to terms and conditions of travel to Resort Latitude Zero they travel at their own risk.


Transit, Transfers and Accommodation

  • Resort Latitude Zero will provide Airport-Hotel-Airport transfers in Padang as part of the package price.
  • Resort Latitude Zero is not responsible for ANY accommodation or incidental costs in Padang.
  • Should Resort Latitude Zero transfer flight be unable to operate due to unfavorable weather conditions or mechanical problems guests will be accommodated at Resort Latitude Zero or Padang until next available flight.
  • Resort Latitude Zero will not offer a refund or compensation if this happens.
  • Should the plane be unable to fly due to non weather related issues, transfer will be carried out by charter boat or alternate means as soon as possible.
  • Resort Latitude Zero will not offer a refund or compensation if any of the above happens.

International and Domestic Transfers

  • Resort Latitude Zero will not be held liable for any lost or damage to any luggage.
  • Resort Latitude Zero does not accept responsibility for late arrival or non-arrival of surfboards, surfboard bags, diving equipment.
  • Resort Latitude Zero does not accept liability for missed flights, delayed departures of flights or transfer of destination.
  • Any group/individual who misses there connection to Resort Latitude Zero due to cancelled /delayed or missed flights will only be transferred to Resort Latitude Zero at an additional charge equal to the cost of this transfer/handling.
  • Costs associated with assistance of transfer will be at the expense of guests.
  • Resort Latitude Zero accepts no liability or expenses for missed/cancelled or delayed international or domestic flights and Resort Latitude Zero transfer flights.
  • Changes to guest’s flights and or accommodation, or any additional ground handling will be at the expense of guests.