Announcing: The Fastest Way to Become a Better Footballer!



If you want to get the best out of yourself and really get the edge over other athletes, I’d recommend Joey’s programs!

Lachie Weller, Gold Coast Suns AFL Team, All Stars Team 2020



Within 3 weeks Joey increased my vertical jump by 29cm, my speed, agility and explosive power went through the roof! Joey has mastered the art of strength and conditioning and fine tuning football performance!

If you are fair dinkum about having a crack at playing AFL I’d highly recommend training with Joey Hayes.

Dayne Beams Collingwood Best and Fairest, Premiership Player and All Australian Team


The time I spent training with USP and Joey Hayes turned my dreams of becoming a professional AFL player into reality. It laid the foundations for the footballer and person I am today! I learned so much about the key pillars of high performance and developed more strength, power and confidence in my ability than ever before! Joeys knowledge and wisdom is infectious and he is a true leader in his field! If you are currently the best in your sport or simply want to make a team. Joeys training programs will make you better!!!

Katie Brennan, Richmond Tigers AFLW Captain


Dear Parent/Footballer,

What would it be like to know you are the BEST PREPARED ATHLETE on the field?

What would it be like to NEVER LACK CONFIDENCE AGAIN?

How would it feel to finally MAKE that REPRESENTATIVE TEAM you’ve been overlooked for?


How about a Fully PAID SPORTING SCHOLARSHIP to the school of your choice?


How good would it feel to finally GET the RECOGNITION and RESPECT of your COACH, REP SELECTORS and your TEAM MATES?

If ANY of the above resonate with you, YOU NEED THE STRONGMAN TRAINING CAMP!

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*Register immediately we only have limited places available for this amazing opportunity*

kurt-tippett-swanJoey Hayes and The Ultimate Football Training helped me become BIGGER FASTER and STRONGER! UFT’s strength, speed and power programs have helped me achieve my goal of getting drafted to an AFL club. I would recommend Joey Hayes and UFT to any AFL footballer who is looking to get the edge over his opponent! (Training with Joey Hayes and UFT since 15 years of age)

Kurt Tippett,
Sydney Swans Australian Rules Football Club,
Sydney Swans AFL Superstar!


Click the video below to check out Gold Coast Suns Elite Players Lachie Weller, Suns Captain David Swallow, Sam Collins, Ben Ainsworth, Sam Day and Harrison Wigg training with Joey Hayes at the USP Gymnasium to get the edge for their 2020 AFL Season.


Gold Coast Suns Player Lachie Weller talks about the results he experienced with USP

Gold Coast Suns Players – Touk Miller, Alex Sexton and Lachie Weller in action over their off season with Joey Hayes at USP Gymnasium

7 REASONS to Join Strongman Camp

  • Developing Lung Busting Endurance, Super Human Strength from head to toe!
  • Develop Lightening Speed, Blistering Acceleration and Unstoppable Agility!
  • Keep Injury and Pain Free, Rehabilitate Old Injuries and Stay Healthy for a life time!
  • Become a Bigger…… Powerful…. Dominant… Intimidating…. Mentally Tough Footballer!
  • Overcoming your Physical and Mental Weaknesses with Unstoppable Confidence!
  • Precise Sporting Skills
  • Turn your body into a Lethal Tackling Machine regardless of your Size, Height or Weight!

I spent a significant period off my off-season training with Joey at USP in THE PIT. The USP private gym and revolutionary training methods coupled with the fact only serious athletes train here makes THE PIT an ideal training environment for athletes seeking to be the best! The coaches, programs and equipment are on par with what I have experienced at the elite level. If you’re serious about taking your performance to the next level I’d highly recommend training at USP.
Mason Woods, North Melbourne Kangaroos AFL Club

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The Strongman Camp Success Stories!



Check out this video to see what Australia’s best athletes say about working with Joey at USP Gymnasium!


In this day and age it is not enough to simply develop the athletes physical qualities such as speed and endurance.

YES they are important and will make them a better athlete….

BUT we Demand and Expect more! We want to develop their character as well.

STRONGMAN Character Traits will serve our athletes extremely well and make them successful for the duration of their lives in any endeavour.

So what do I mean by developing their character. Simply put we expect our athletes to exude:

  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Excellence
  • Work Ethic
  • Focus
  • Leadership
  • Commitment


AFL Superstar Kurt Tippett talks about his elite coaching with Joey Hayes at USP Gymnasium

When I missed out on the QLD State under 18 AFL team I was shattered. I thought I had lost my chance at playing professional AFL and my career was slipping away. That was, until I sought the services of Joey Hayes. I heard Joey Hayes was the best at getting athletes into the best shape of their lives, both physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally! I was skeptical at first, but my initial fears were unfounded.

After my first session in THE PIT I knew this was the right and only choice! And THE PIT would be my new best friend! Joeys professionalism, enthusiasm, meticulous preparation and individual programming ensured I would be the fastest, strongest and mentally toughest athlete on the footy field. If you want to reach your potential and be the best athlete you can possibly be, then you need to train with Joey!

Sam Gilbert, St Kilda Australian Rules Football Club

Many Trainers that have no Strength and Conditioning Qualifications or Football Coaching qualifications try to copy what I do, but none of them can duplicate the results for junior and professional athletes alike. Often footballers attempt to train on their own yet they have NO direction and are merely guessing what should be done.

Most footballers are actually detraining themselves, making themselves slower, weaker and increasing their risk of injury.

Click Play to View the video to see Joey’s
training methods featured on AFL Fox Sports

When you train at STRONGMAN CAMP, there are NO mistakes.

My training methods have been proven and the results speak for themselves! Apart from Cutting Edge Training Methods, what else do you get that will GUARANTEE you SUCCEED?

  • Meet and Train with Professional Elite AFL Players!
  • USP High Performance AFL Camp Hat!
  • Goal Kicking Mastery Class to Enhance Goal Kicking Ability!
  • Techniques used by Australia’s leading High Performance coach to teach you remarkable tools you can use to thrive under pressure, enhance performance and smash through the pain barrier!
  • The keys to a happy successful fulfilling life as an athlete.
  • How to beat negative, depressive thoughts to stay positive, upbeat and energetic in the most challenging times.
  • 2 x $250 P3 Sports Recovery Centre Price for AFL Camp Tribe Member who emboides AFL Camp Principles.
  • 2 x $300 Physio voucher to be used for Injury Screening, Running Biomechanics, Functional Neurology and Vision Assessment.
  • Tackling and Wrestling Coach Techniques used by premiership winning AFL teams and Australian Rugby League teams to take your tackling up another level!
  • Strength Training Secrets used with Gold Coast Suns Best and Fairest Winners that will allow you to Break Tackles, Keep your Feet, Jump Higher, Kick Further and Run Faster!
  • Speed and acceleration techniques used by the fastest athletes in the world!
  • Skill and Games Based Fitness Drills to rapidly improve football specific fitness, skills, decision making, agility, endurance and repeat sprint ability.

 Australia’s Premier Sports Mental Skills and Mind Performance Coach Amon Woulfe talks about the Revolutionary Mind Performance Profile at last years AFL High Performance Camp


  • Elite Rehab Specialists on site at The High Performance Camp to identify and rehab injuries and keep you Bullet Proof!
  • Revolutionary Tremor Therapy to eradicate pain and calm the mind for elite performance, focus and concentration!
  • Ground Breaking life stretch movements to rapidlyu increase flexibility, mobility, longevity, health, mental clarity, relaxation and body awareness.
  • Precision nutrition protocols for muscle gain, fat loss, recovery and superlative performance!
  • Gourmet Nutrition Desserts Healthy Cook Book.
  • Access to World Class Coaches to take you to another level.
  • Gain inside knowledge from AFL player managers to help reach your dreams and stand out in the eyes of the recruiting scouts!
  • Gain expert media training for answering questions, developing public relation skills and building your athletic profile from experienced media training legends!
  • AFL High Performance Camp Curriculum Certificate of Completion.
  • Exclusive AFL Camp Membership Access to ask any questions to Elite Expert Coaches to Rapidly Accelerate Performance!
  • Inside knowledge and secrets from more than 20 years preparinbg athletes for elite performance!


Click Play to View the video to see Joey’s
AFL Training Methods featured on Channel 9 News


Joel TippettI began training with Joey Hayes and UFT 8 years ago, and in that time I have seen significant changes in both my physical and mental being.

Training with Joey Hayes in ‘THE PIT’ and UFT’s programs has enabled me to gain the strength and size I needed in order to perform at the highest level. This ultimately helped me achieve my goal of getting drafted.

Therefore I’d highly recommend Joey Hayes and UFT to any aspiring athlete! Training with Joey since 16 years of age)

Joel Tippett North Melbourne AFL Club


North Melbourne AFL player Joel Tippet talks about his training with Joey Hayes at USP Gymnasium

Prior to training with Joey in THE PIT I never knew what was required in order to achieve my dream of being drafted to a professional AFL club. Seeking the knowledge of Joey Hayes ensured I became The Biggest, Fastest and Strongest and mentally toughest athlete I could be. Through Joey’s Intense training program, nutrition and supplementation plan I was putting on a minimum of a kilogram of lean muscle every week! Joeys enthusiastic approach to coaching makes him a leader in his field and gave me the competitive advantage needed to succeed with my personal goals and aspirations. Joey recognizes the athletes individual needs and tailors his programs around these specific requirements. If you’re serious about reaching your full potential and playing a professional sport, I’d highly recommend the professional coaching services of Joey Hayes. It is the best decision I ever made and I would not be in the position I am in now without Joeys training. His conversion rate for athletes who reach their dreams and achieve their goals speaks for itself.

Bryce Retzlaff, Brisbane Lions Australian Rules Football Club


Feedback from Junior Female AFL Footballers Video from In Joe We Trust on Vimeo.


There are only 3 Strongman Training places remaining, once they are filled there won’t be another intake until mid 2021!

Register Now to Avoid Disappointment and to Secure your position at the Strongman Training Camp before they Sell Out!

Gold Coast Strongman Camp!
When: Every Saturday from 16th January to 20th February 2021
Where: Miami High School
Time: 8-10am

What do I need? Football boots, Running Shoes, Football, Water Bottle, Hat, Towel and Relentless attitude and desire to succeed!

Investment: Early Bird Special $27.00 (1st trial camp session only)
then the Price Goes Up! Please note the early bird special is only available for your first strongman session


2021 Strongman Camp Register Now to Receive your Early Bird Special Price and to
Secure your position at the 2021 Strongman Training Camp before they Sell Out!

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Max KennedyJoey Hayes UFT Programs are some of the most comprehensive programs I’ve ever witnessed. No stone is left unturned and they are ideal for players of all ages.

Matty Kennedy, Gold Coast Suns Strength and Conditioning Coach


hqdefaultJoey’s programs are exceptional for any young man or woman wanting to reach their sporting dream. His meticulous and professional approach ensures that his athletes are well prepared physically and mentally. I believe all his programs are cutting edge and they would be of the standard of any leading sporting programs in the world.

Andrew Raines, Gold Coast Suns Player and Gold Coast Suns Academy Coach



Joey Hayes UFT programs are fantastic. As they develop not only the players football skills but their mental toughness and leadership qualities as well.

Shaun Hart, Head of Development Gold Coast Suns

The Female AFL High Performance Training Camp is a fantastic system for girls to improve their football. It is an ideal program for girls of all ages looking to take their performance to another level or for those that aspire to be elite footballers.

Brent Staker, Brisbane Lions AFLW Assistant Coach


The training methods and environment Joey has created is elite and is ideal to prepare any junior athletes to become the best athletes they can possibly be!

Paul Turk, Essendon Strength and Conditioning Coach 2017, High Performance Manager AFLQ




1 Word-Impressive! I was blown away by what Joey has been able to create at the Strongman Camp. I’ve picked up some great drills Ill take back to Adelaide!! 

Matt Hass, Adelaide Crows Strength and Conditioning Coach 2017



The structure, organisation is exactly what junior athletes. Joeys focus on flexibility, injury prevention, skill development and games based fitness concepts ensures athletes under his guidance achieve elite performance. The emphasis on character development and leadership ensures athletes achieve success not only on the sporting arena but off it as well. 

Victor Popov, Brisbane Lions AFL Club Premiership Winning Physiotherapist 2001-2004



Amon Woulfe High Performance Mindset Coach to elite athletes and teams in the NRL, AFL, English Football League.



Yours sincerely,

Joey Hayes M. Ex, Sci, B. Bus, CSCS Strength & Conditioning Specialist
CEO – In Joe We Trust Strength & Conditioning

P.S. This is a rare chance to acquire this powerful information and techniques to transform yourself into a Physically, Dominant, Explosive Athlete that dictates the ebb and flow of competition such that they are victorious.

Call 0438 54 50 58 to book now!


N.B Once payment is processed you will be redirected back to the In Joe We Trust Website, so you can register the personal details of the attendee for the camp.

Every time I step onto the football field I know I have a competitive edge over my opponents as I know they haven’t had the opportunity to be trained by one of the most Elite Strength and Conditioning Specialists in Australia. I have had the privilege of being trained and educated by Joey for the past 3 years which has given me the opportunity to reach my fullest athletic potential. Joey’s customised programs, elite strength and conditioning techniques and his vast wealth of knowledge gave me the ability to take my game to the next level.

Joey has the unique ability to take any athlete to the next level, if you have the desire to succeed and won’t settle for second best, contact Joey to see if you have what it takes to be an Athlete of the PIT!

Broc McCauley Hawthorn Hawks AFL Club 2012



Q: Will I meet AFL Superstars?

A: On occasion Joey brings in former UFT USP PIT Athletes that are now competing at an Elite level to talk and answer questions to the Strongman Tribe!


Sydney Swans AFL Superstar shares his insights and wisdom with AFL Camp members!


Gold Coast Suns AFL Player and All Stars State of Origin Team Member Lachie Weller at our AFL Off-Season Training Camp


Mason Woods, North Melbourne AFL Superstar


Mason Woods, North Melbourne AFL Superstar talks about his Off-Season Training with Joey Hayes at USP Gymnasium


Tom Rockliff, Port Adelaide Player at Strongman Camp with
2017 Gold Coast Suns Drafted Player Connor Nutting


Katie Brennan, Western Bulldogs AFLW & Arianna Clarke, Brisbane Lions AFLW


Geelong AFLW Star Georgie Rankin taking the next generation of AFL Superstars through their paces!


Brisbane Bullets NBL and Australian Boomers Basketball Player Matt Hodgson taking our
AFL Camp Members for Mixed Sport Basketball Conditioning Drills


AFL Camp Special Guest Sharon Hannan Australian Olympic Team Sprint Coach
and Sally Pearsons Olympic Gold Medallist Sprint Coach


Q: Do you have other professional coaches from the AFL and other sports attend to provide their expertise to Strongman Camp?

A: Yes we do bring in elite AFL Coaches on occasion.

Brent Staker, Brisbane Lions AFLW Assistant Coach


Ben Hannant, North QLD Cowboys Premiership Player,
Australian & QLD State of Origin Rugby League Representative


Ash Mahoney, Olympic Gold Medallist Sprint Coach for Sally Pearson
& Australian 2016 Olympic Team


Jason Roebig, Tackling Wrestling Coach for Hawthorn Hawks, Melbourne Demons,
Gold Coast Suns, Gold Coast Titans & the Australian Rugby League Team


Andrew Raines, Gold Coast Suns Academy Coach


Shaun Hart, Gold Coast Suns Football Coaching Panel

AFL Camp Special Guest, World Class Triathlete, Trav Coleman

Former Gold Coast Suns player Seb Tape takes tribe members through their specialist kicking skills.

Courtney Hancock, Iron Woman Champion!

Former Gold Coast Suns Player Mackenzie Willis AFL playing and coaching
insights has taken AFL Camp members to another level


Q: What are the age limits for the training camp?

A: The Strongman Camp has 4 age group sectors with each group undertaking specialized training for their specific level of development. Junior Athletes from 8-12 years of age. Youth Athletes 13-15. Senior Athlete 16-25. Masters Athletes 26-50 years of age.

Q: How come I only pay for 1 session?

A: We do not charge the full investment for the camp upfront as we want to ensure the young footballers and parents get to try the camp Risk Free and see what the Strongman Camp is REALLY about-it’s not just about football! Through our experience running the camp for the last 10 years we know that 99% of the young footballers love it and have never experienced anything like it-from the coaching, the training drills and meeting AFL footballers that Joey has trained. (You get to try us out and we get to make sure you’re a good fit for our program)!


Q: Are there any refunds if I miss a session?

A: The strongman camp is designed to transform your physical and mental being and we expect committed athletes to attend. Through our experience the culture and environment we cultivate ensures athletes never miss sessions. If an athlete is injured they can usually still train or work around it. It is this mindset and fundamental belief and philosophy that sets our strongman camp apart as such there are no refunds.

Q: Joey why do you make the athletes play multiple sports, most of the athletes you coach are footballers, so why do they play soccer, basketball, rugby, touch football, Gaelic football, European handball, mixed martial arts at Strongman Camp?

A: Through my coaching experience athletes that play multiple sports become better athletes. I can tell you that almost none of the professional athletes that I have coached only played 1 sport. Kurt Tippett Played Basketball and Soccer before playing AFL, Nick Reiwoldt was a state cricket player and represented QLD for little athletics. Dayne Beams played Cricket at an extremely high level. Sam Gilbert played Rugby League for NSW as a junior. Brayden Crossley played basketball. By playing multiple sports athletes develop better motor skills and co-ordination, reduce the risk of boredom and over-use injuries and develop transferable skills to their chosen sport. For example, having an AFL footballer playing touch develops his agility to a greater extent than simply playing AFL. It also decreases the risk of overuse injuries from kicking the ball.

Q: What makes Strongman Training so special and unique?

A: Strongman Training develops an array of physiological qualities such as strength, power, anaerobic endurance, agility and injury prevention. The odd awkward and unusual implements develops true functional strength from head to toe. The real world strength transfers directly onto the sporting field. Strongman training assists in eliminating common weaknesses in athletes (Grip strength, core stability, eccentric strength) and includes natural and alternating patterns. Strongman training forces increased recruitment of ‘core’ muscles during execution. The exercises incorporate the concept of multi-planar unilateral proprioception. Nearly all sports rely upon movement in any direction at any given moment, largely done on one leg.

Strongman training creates fun and competitive environment leading to positive training situations. It can also break the monotony and boredom of training. It has extremely positive psychological effects; mental toughness has been known to increase as a result of mixed strongman and endurance type training. You can check the article here:

Q: Will my son/daughter be expected to undertake the Strongman Strength Training Component of the session even if they have never done any weights or strength training before?

A: Most likely not, all athletes are assessed based on their level of physiological development. It is this process that ensures athletes are challenged with minimal risk of injury. With that in mind all athletes will benefit from some resistance training whether it be simply body weight exercises or more advanced exercises like the Strongman Training. This is where our specialized expertise and experience ensures athletes receive the optimal training that is perfect for their age, requirements and physiological level of development.

Q: Does the camp run during school time?

A: No, the camp is run over 6 consecutive Saturdays from 8am-10am, as such there is no school days missed.

Q: Can I get a refund If I miss a session?

A: Unfortunately our policy is clear, we expect strongman members to complete each and every session. The camp is designed to elicit the greatest results when attending for the duration of the camp, this cannot be achieved by missing sessions. If you cannot commit for the duration we’d prefer you not attend.

Q: Can I get a refund if I’m injured?

A: As per our strongman membership forms and agreement strongman athletes are required to attend every session. Much like a professional athlete if you are injured, you can usually still train. As part of our strongman principles we work through and we work around, in other words we display adaptability.  We have exercise rehabilitation specialists as part of our strongman team. Injured athletes will be placed under their care and guidance to help them return to sport. Minor injury is not an excuse to miss a session when qualified injury rehabilitation staff are on hand and available at our camp.

Q: What about missed sessions or unused sessions can they be credited?

A: Under certain circumstances these sessions may be credited for another camp; this is done on a case by case basis, missed sessions due to holidays or changing your mind are not valid reasons for crediting a session.

Q: Are females allowed to attend the camp?

A: Yes of course females are welcome to attend!! In fact the females that have attended the camp have achieved breath taking results with many of last years girls making representative teams, state teams and All Australian AFL teams!

You can click the link here to find out about Female High Performance Program.

Q: How much is the full cost for the 6 week camp?

A: We are still arranging for our other strongman activities. Each year Joey and our elite coaches select a variety of unload activities ranging from Paint Ball, Mental Skills Workshops, high ropes courses, rock climbing, gymnastics, mountain climbs and hikes that allow the athletes to recover, refresh and develop other skills whilst providing a fun environment. The investment for remaining weeks will be outlined at the completion of the 1st High Performance camp session on 16th January 2021. The investment usually ranges between $247 and $297 for the duration of the camp.

Q: Do you only do football based skills sessions-are there any other activities involved?
A: No we use a wide activities and methods to enhance performance, recovery and develop leadership. Previous years activities have included Planet Commando Sessions, Kokoda Trail Events, Mental Skills Training, Rock Climbing, Mountain Warning Hikes and P3 Recovery Visits.
Strongman Mount Warning Climb 2009

P3 RecoveryStrongman Camp P3 Recovery Centre 2018


Australia’s Premier Sports Performance Mindset Coach Amon Woulfe takes AFL Camp members
through the techniques he used to take AFL Teams to Grand Finals!


Amon Woulfe Mental Skills Performance Coach Guest Speaker, Strongman Camp 2019


Planet Commando 2018



After being delisted by the Brisbane Lions in 2014 and being denied of another AFL opportunity I signed on with the Redland Bombers to play in the 2015 NEAFL season. I finished the 2nd half of 2015 with solid form however I knew that I needed to find an edge if I wanted to take my football to another level and realise my dream of playing at the elite level once again.

I found that edge with Joey Hayes after being introduced by another USP athlete Callum Carsledine. Joey’s training methods were unique and highly tailored to enhance my physical performance. Not only did Joey make me a better athlete, but he also gave me the confidence I needed to truly believe that I was physically and mentally ready for any AFL opportunity that came my way.

Sure enough after 3 months of training in the Pit, my opportunity came with the Essendon Football Club.

Never have I found a Coach who has been so passionate in helping athletes achieve their dreams as Joey Hayes – his track record speaks for itself!

Sam Michael Essendon Bombers AFL Club


Sam Michael Transferring his strengh onto the Footy Field!


N.B Once payment is processed you will be redirected back to the In Joe We Trust Website, so you can register the personal details of the attendee for the camp.