<strong>Dayne Beams</strong>Since I was a youngster I always dreamed of playing AFL footy at the highest level. To play at the elite level, I knew I’d have to get Bigger Faster & Stronger! That is when I sought the guidance and expertise and wisdom of Joey Hayes.

I’d seen and heard about the amazing results he’d produced with previous AFL footballers, so I gave him a call. This would have been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done! I was blown away by the results! Within 3 weeks he increased my vertical jump by 29cm, my speed, agility and explosive power went through the roof! To say he has mastered the art of strength and conditioning and fine tuning football performance would be an understatement!

If you are fair dinkum about having a crack at playing top level sport I’d highly recommend seeking the services/training with Joey Hayes at THE PIT. The only regret I had was not training with him sooner! Do yourself a favor get into his program – You won’t regret it!

Dayne Beams
AFL 2008 Draft Pick 37 Collingwood Football Club

<strong>Kurt Tippett</strong>I trained in ‘THE PIT’ with Joey for 2 years. In this time he helped me become BIGGER FASTER and STRONGER! Joey’s workouts and intense approach to training is like no other. Training hard in ‘THE PIT’ has helped me achieve my goal of getting drafted to an AFL club. I would recommend Joey to anyone who is looking to get the edge over his or her opponent!

Kurt Tippett
Round 1 National AFL draft 2006 pick 32 to Adelaide Crows

<strong>Sam Gilbert</strong>When I missed out on the QLD State under 18 AFL team I was shattered. I thought I had lost my chance at playing professional AFL and my career was slipping away. That was, until I sought the services of Joey Hayes. I heard Joey Hayes was the best at getting athletes into the best shape of their lives, both physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally! I was skeptical at first, but my initial fears were unfounded. After my first session in THE PIT I knew this was the right and only choice! And THE PIT would be my new best friend! Joeys professionalism, enthusiasm, meticulous preparation and individual programming ensured I would be the fastest, strongest and mentally toughest athlete on the footy field. If you want to reach your potential and be the best athlete you can possibly be, then you need to train with Joey!

Sam Gilbert
National AFL draft 2005 pick 33 to St. Kilda NAB Rising Star Nominee 2007

<strong>Marc Lock</strong>The elite coaching and superior training I received from Joey Hayes in THE PIT ensured I was physically and mentally prepared for the rigours of performing at the elite level. The work ethic, self-belief and leadership qualities Joey instilled in me have allowed me to lead from the front and have contributed significantly to my on field success!

If you’re an athlete and you’re serious about achieving your dreams, you need to train with Joey Hayes.

Marc Lock
AFL Gold Coast Suns Captain

<strong>Bryce Retzlaff</strong>Bryce Retzlaff Prior to training with Joey in THE PIT I never knew what was required in order to achieve my dream of being drafted to a professional AFL club. Seeking the knowledge of Joey Hayes ensured I became The Biggest, Fastest and Strongest and mentally toughest athlete I could be. Through Joey’s Intense training program, nutrition and supplementation plan I was putting on a minimum of a kilogram of lean muscle every week! Joeys enthusiastic approach to coaching makes him a leader in his field and gave me the competitive advantage needed to succeed with my personal goals and aspirations. Joey recognizes the athletes individual needs and tailors his programs around these specific requirements. If you’re serious about reaching your full potential and playing a professional sport, I’d highly recommend the professional coaching services of Joey Hayes. It is the best decision I ever made and I would not be in the position I am in now without Joeys training. His conversion rate for athletes who reach their dreams and achieve their goals speaks for itself.

Bryce Retzlaff
Brisbane Lions Draft Pick 85- 2009

<strong>Broc McCauley</strong>Every time I step onto the football field I know I have a competitive edge over my opponents as I know they haven’t had the opportunity to be trained by one of the most Elite Strength and Conditioning Specialists in Australia. I have had the privilege of being trained and educated by Joey for the past 3 years which has given me the opportunity to reach my fullest athletic potential. Joey’s customised programs, elite strength and conditioning techniques and his vast wealth of knowledge gave me the ability to take my game to the next level. Joey has the unique ability to take any athlete to the next level, if you have the desire to succeed and won’t settle for second best, contact Joey to see if you have what it takes to be an Athlete of the PIT!

Broc McCauley
Brisbane Lions AFL Team Rookie List 2009

<strong>Joel Tippett</strong>I began training with Joey 12 months ago, and in that time I have seen significant changes in both my physical and mental being. Training in ‘THE PIT’ and Joeys programs has enabled me to gain the strength and size I needed in order to perform at the highest level. This ultimately helped me achieve my goal of getting drafted. Therefore I’d highly recommend Joey to any aspiring athlete!

Joel Tippett
Gold Coast Suns AFL Club

<strong>Gold Coast Stingrays AFL Club</strong>Having had a significant injury list during previous years, I sought the expertise of Joey Hayes to map out, program and guide our physical training processes for the Gold Coast Stingrays Under 16 AFL Team. His ability to get athletes faster, stronger and fitter but more importantly more resilient (healthy and injury free) is his point of difference! The program the Gold Coast Stingrays received was the most specific, detailed and comprehensive program I have been involved with. Our team won the QLD State Titles and beat every other team by a significant margin and had a record 9 Gold Coast AFL players that were selected in the QLD squad. We did not sustain any soft tissue injuries during the 8 months Joey worked with us. Joey Hayes and the AFL Coach Education Package is the Real Deal and a MUST HAVE RESOURCE for serious coaches that want to get the advantage over their competition.

Gold Coast Stingrays AFL Club
John Rankin GC Stingrays AFL Club Coach, Geelong AFL Club Recruiting Scout

<strong>Matthew Lodge</strong>Joey’s perspective on what BEING THE BEST means and how to BE THE BEST, influenced my on-field and off-field motivation to exceed personal expectations, to push past the boundaries of pain til I knew that when I faced any opponent on a football field, I was physically superior to them. But it’s not just being bigger and stronger than anyone else; Joey’s emphasis on flexibility, power and agility sets him apart from the other conditioning coaches. His goal is to make you the complete footballer/athlete, no matter what it takes. Give Joey a call, bust your guts to get involved in his training programs and learn to call THE PIT your second home. If you want to achieve the ultimate success, then you’re doing yourself every favour in the world by being an athlete of Joey Hayes.

Matthew Lodge
Carlton AFL CLub Scholarship Holder

<strong>Dane Carmody</strong>As the Southport Sharks Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Joeys’ record is impressive;

3 years at the helm, 3 Grand Final appearances, 2 premierships and a record number of junior players drafted to AFL clubs.

Joey’s unique strength and conditioning programs specific to AFL were pertinent to our success and guaranteed our players were physically superior in all facets of the game.

His uncompromising attitude, expectations and professionalism set a new standard of professionalism at the club, and forced players to exceed these standards.

As a player I was impressed with his dedication to the craft and the fact, he left no stone unturned in his preparation to ensure each player was at their physical peak!

He has an uncanny ability to get players to peak and lift during the finals series, when it matters most.

If you are a team or club, Joey can help your team achieve the premiership success you desire!!

Dane Carmody
Sharks Duel Premiership Player 2005 and 2006 Joe Grant Medallist 2006

<strong>Neil Makay</strong>Joey has worked with PBC for 4 years. During that time our athletes have gotten bigger, faster and stronger! Joey has implemented long term athlete development protocols to ensure the development of our younger footballers. Our school prides itself on the development, results and sporting successes of its athletes. Joeys knowledge and experience have benefited our school strength and conditioning program tremendously! He is truly a gifted individual that produces outstanding results!

Neil Makay
PBC High School AFL Sports Excellence Co-Ordinator (Level 3 AFL Coach) PBC High School Queensland Champions 2006 and 2007