Attention Personal Trainers

That Are Sick of Training Clients in the Park
Paying Massive Rents to Commercial Gymnasiums…

At last your chance to break free with
Your Own World Class Private Training Facility
for you and your clients…

Imagine having your very own exclusive private facility…all to yourself…

Imagine how impressed your clients will be…

Think about and how great your clients will feel when they no longer have to wait to use equipment in crowded commercial gymnasiums…

Or train outdoors competing for space in the park with the rest of the Gold Coast Personal Trainers…

No more competition from other PTs trying to steal your clients…

No more wasted time setting up your equipment and dragging it back into your car…

And if you’re used to training clients outside you won’t have to worry about cancelling training sessions when the weather turns bad….

Your new facility even has a massive 3000 square metre car park to give you the flexibility to train your clients outside if that’s what you’re after…

The options are endless…
1_2Professional athletes fly here to train with me because the Facility and Equipment is World Class! Being centrally located in the centre of the Gold Coast with the beach, running tracks, Olympic pools and sporting fields just a few minutes away ensures our athletes have every facility/thing (they could possibly need) right here at their finger tips. The massive 3000m2 car park is ideal for strongman type training! Above all there is a great atmosphere and camaraderie amongst the select few trainers that coach out here which make this one of Australia’s most specialised, well equipped and unique gyms in the country! If you value believe you and your clients deserve the very best The Gold Coast Gymnasium is your only choice!
Joey Hayes M. Ex, Sci, B. Bus, CSCS, MASCA
Australias Leading Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 

Ultimate Sports Performance
The great thing about your new gym is…

  • You won’t have to share equipment with general gym goers…
  • Your new gym is exclusive and only available to use for you and your clients….
  • You will be one of only 4 PTs to have access to this elite facility…

I know most commercial gyms have upwards of 25 personal trainers training at these gyms…

As well as thousands of regular members you have to fight with to get access to equipment

So why am I doing this?

I’m an athlete and wanted a gym that I could train at that had all of the specialized equipment that I wanted and needed…

I also wanted to be able to train privately without any distractions.

I didn’t want to have to wait in line for equipment

I didn’t want to have to listen to commercial music or lose concentration during training as my eyes drifted away to the tv’s.

I also wanted a facility that had everything I could possibly need to train with right at my finger tips…

That’s why the gym location is so important…

So where is the gym located?

Well the gym is located in Mermaid Beach, one of the highest Socio Economic Areas of the Central Gold Coast…

Your new Facility is literally a stone’s throw away from the beach and public transport…

And World Class Olympic swimming pool

And of course a 400m Olympic Running Track…

Your very own Exclusive Private Elite Training Facility

It’s Extraordinary!

So What Equipment Does this World Class Facility Have?

Here’s just a small selection of the equipment available in the facility (you can check out the pictures below at the end of the page)

3 x Power Racks Including
2 x Hammer Strength Power Racks
1-50kg ABC Rubber Coated Stainless Steel Dumbbells
1-64kg Iron Edge Kettlebells
2 x Olympic Lifting Platforms
2000kgs of Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates
1 x Cal Gym Wall Mounted Dip Rack
1 x Glute Ham Raise Bench
1 x Reverse Hyper Extension Machine
1 x Atlantis Leg Platform.
6 x Transportable Squat Stands
1 x Life Fitness Cable Machine Dual Adjustable Pulley
1 x Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Iso-Lateral Kneeling Leg Curl
1 x Technogym Leg Press
1 x Technogym Leg Extension
1 x Prone Row/Floor Bench Press Machine
4 x 50kg Cast Iron Weight Plates
Calibrated Fractional Weight Plates

Full Complement of Strongman Equipment Including
6 x Sleds
1 x Log
2 x Tractor Tires
6 x Sledge Hammers up to 50kg
6 x Farmers Walk Implements
1 x Yoke

12 Various Olympic Barbells Including
1 Texas Power Bar
1 Texas Deadlift Bar
1 x Safety Squat Bar
1 x Trap Bar
1 x Swiss Bar
3 x Log Bar
8 x Olympic Bars
1 x Tricep Bar
1 x EZ Curl Bar
5 x Cal Gym Adjustable Benches
1 x Functional Trainer Cable Machine
1 x Tsunami Bar
1 x Bamboo Band Barbell
1 x Hammer Grip Tricep Bar
2 x Cambered Bar Attachments

Full Complement of Specialised Unique Cardiovascular and Conditioning Equipment
1 x Tred Sled (only Tredsled in Australia)
2 x Woodway Cruve 3 Athlete Powered Tredmills (Only ones in a private commercial gymnasium in Australia)!
6 x Prowler/Heart Breaker
6 x Dragging Sleds
4 x Keiser M3 Bike
2 x Heavy Battling Ropes
6 x Boxing Mits

Complete Physical Performance Assessment and Elite Testing Equipment Including
1 x Vertec for Explosive Power
1 x Harpenden Calipers for skinfold measurements
6 x Brower Speed Testing Light Gates
1 x Tanita Body Fat Scales
1 x Massage Table to Perform Flexibility Assessment
1 x Grip Strength Dynamometer
1 x 50m Measuring Tape

Advanced Training Tools for Maximal Strength and Power Including
2 x Weight Releasers
4 x Chains
12 x Bands
1 x Torsonator
5 x Medicine Balls
2 x Tornado Balls
1 x Sligshot
1 x Hip Belt Squat Attachment Device
1 x Iron Neck Device (Trap Strength and Rehab)
2 x Exogen Light Wearable Variable Resistence Weighted Suits
1 x Gravity Fit Suit
2 x BFR Cuffs (2 x Upper Body, 2 Lower Body) Blood Flow Restriction Training
2 x Aqua Bags Iron Edge (recommended by Frans Bosch)
2 x Hydrovests from Ultimate Instability (recommended by Frans Bosch)

Bodyweight and Travel Equipment Including
2 x Gymnastic Rings
1 x TRX
1 x 40kg Weighted X-Vest
1 x Calf Raise Block
1 x Tibialis Anterior Dorsi Flexion Machine

Grip Strength Implements Including
2 x Fat Gripz
2 x Gorilla Grippers
2 x Globe Gripz
1 x Go-Really Grip Machine
2 x Captains of Crunch Grip Strength Devices

Stability Control and Rehab Equipment Including
1 x AOK Swiss Ball
1 x Body Blade
1 x Airex Balance Pad
6 x Trigger Balls
4 x Foam Rollers
1 x Thera Wedge
1 x Donnie Thompson Bow Tie
1 x MyoGrip IASTM Tools (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy)
1 x Armaid (Myofascial Release Device)
2 x Pso Rite
1 x Shoulder Sphere
1 x Body Tempering Table
1 x Theragun
1 x Coregeous Abdominal Ball Release

Speed and Agility Equipment
12 x Speed and Agility Evasion Belts
4 x Mini Hurdles
2 x Agility Ladders

Specialised Strength Accessories Including
Top Squat Bar
Manta Ray
Weighted Gloves
iPod Music Sound System Remote and Blue Tooth Capabilities
Kettleshells Transform Dumbells into Kettlebells
Hybrid Hook
Lumbar Jack
Bamboo Bench
1 x Forge DH Device (allows for Body Tempering at 150kg loads)
1 x SP4.0 Compex EMS Machine
1 x HALO Sport Headset for Neural Priming
1 x Healy Frequency Specific Microcurrent Device (recommended by Charles Poliquin)
1 x Iron Pillow Body Tempering
1 x Gym Cable Attachment Multi Grip
1 x Gym Pin Cable Machine Weight Extended
1 x Slant Board

So as you can see all of the equipment is of the highest quality and the results you and your clients are going to achieve will be remarkable improvements in health, performance whether your clients goals are to build muscle, burn fat, rehab injuries or become an elite athlete this is the perfect environment and training facility for it…


Understandably, I’ll be extremely selective of the personal trainers I allow into the gym…

You and I both know that such comprehensively equipped facilities like these are few and far between…

So why am I interested in letting you have access to my pride and joy?

Well that’s a great question…..

You see I only use the gym on average for 6 hours per week!

Other than that, my facility and equipment – sits there gathering dust, not being used by anyone…. waiting for my return…
To my way of thinking it’s just a waste to have more than 300k worth of equipment in such a prime location remain unused for the other 164 hours in the week….

Why don’t you just go and start your own facility?

Now if you were to go out and start a facility like this, it would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars… you’d have to find the commercial real estate, you’d have to do a fit out, you’d have to buy or lease the equipment, you’d have to clean it… luckily for you I’ve taken care of all of this for you…

All you have to do is show up, train your clients and count (the dollars going into your back pocket) count your lucky stars you were lucky enough to stumble upon this once in a lifetime opportunity!

So how much is it gonna cost you to be able to access this world class facility?

The money you’ll make from having an extremely well equipped professional facility will far exceed the small investment it costs to hire it..that’s for sure.. for less than the cost of 2 or 3 PT sessions a week you and your clients can have access to this elite facility…

In Joe We Trust - Jackson RivalsMoving to USP has probably been the best thing I have ever done with my business. Sounds cliché but before moving to USP I wasn’t in a good place financially and mentally, at 21 years old. The moment I started training my clients at USP, things changed for me. With the environment at USP, I’ve learned and grow so much as a person and with my business. With countless resources I have been given to increase my knowledge as a coach and business person. I’ve read more books in the first 6 months of being at USP I have in most of my life, which were given to me by Joey. My clients watched me gradually improve in my coaching skills and training knowledge to where I am able to really make a positive impact on all my clients. Whatever their goals are. The equipment we have at the gym and the facility itself is special. Most people or even most professional athletes in Australia will never get to use the equipment we have. You won’t see another facility like USP’s.

My life has actually changed for the better since moving to USP. Financially, mentally and physically have all improved beyond what I could have thought was possible for someone like me.

So appreciative of everything that Joey and USP has brought to me in my life, and this is only the beginning. – Jackson Rivals

robbie_palmerTo the team from USP, thank you!

The first time I was lucky enough to visit the USP gym, I wondered when I was going to be able to get out of mirror and t.v filled “gyms” and operate out of a place like this. After 5 years in the industry you go through some growth as a coach, and, you soon become sick and tired of being used and underappreciated in over crowded money swindling commercial gyms.

Since having the received the opportunity to operate out of the USP Gymnasium my spirits have certainly lifted, and so have my clients. There is no cooperate driven “PT manger” with 30-40 plus trainers, wasting training time waiting for equipment. The location is perfect, close enough to the beach for recovery sessions and far away from shopping center car park frenzy’s, with the 3000m2 car park there is always room for cars, and better yet, room for groups and conditioning circuits/workouts without anyone getting in the way (or the rubbish no sled pushes aloud rule in case someone walk in the way).

My clients have been able to take their training to a new level (in their words not mine) because of the unique, specialized equipment we have access to at USP, add that to the atmosphere and feel you get in the gym, you can’t help but deliver world class training and results.

I have fallen in love with this place, and if you are a coach looking to get outta the commercial rat race, I could not recommend the USP Gymnasium highly enough.

With Happy and Healthy Regards, Robbie Palmer. Strength Coach and Fat Loss Boss providing tried and tested Nutritional and Training Protocols for performance, fat loss and strength gains, (now in a world class facility) right here on the Gold Coast.


Marcus Baker Optimal DevelopmentWhat I love about the Ultimate Sports Performance gym!

The set up and equipment selection, it’s simply set up to give your athletes and clientele everything they need to succeed.

  • The gym environment ensures productivity. There’s no antics, no unsavoury characters and no distractions.
  • Once you’ve coached or trained in a private facility, it’s very hard to go back to a commercial gym, there’s no fighting for equipment, no cleaning up others peoples mess and no dealing with staff sales pitches. The Gold Coast Gymnasium is all business, you can hit the ground running and focus on what you came to do. Get better!
  • The trainers and coaches at USP are the cream of the crop, it’s an excellent environment to be in if you’re looking to develop further as a coach. There is decades of experience and some of the most educated coaches you’ll find in the country.

Marcus Baker, Optimal Development
PICP Level 4 QWA Level 3, EXOS Level 3


But Only If you meet the following pre-requisites…

You Must Be Committed to Excellence for You and Your Clients!

You Must Treat the Facility with Respect and Care for it Like it is Your Own!

You Must Have Honesty and Integrity and Be a Walking Talking Billboard for Health and Fitness!

You Must Be a Positive Person.

You Must Be able to Work Well with other people!

You Must Be able to Afford to Pay the Rent to Keep the Facility in Pristine Condition.

If you meet these requirements then by all means contact us immediately to check out the facility.

The GC Gym is the Ultimate facility. Not only does it have some of the best functional & free weights equipment around but has great free space in the car park out the back for boot camp sessions & other activities. It has some of the best, most unique equipment in the country. I’ve saved a tonne of time & energy not having to set my equipment up in the parks anymore & not worrying about keeping my spot & fighting other P.Ts for space to train my clients. This makes me more productive & efficient! My clients love the fact that we no longer have to share a public gymnasium with thousands of other trainers & gym members! If you’re a PT currently working out of a commercial gymnasium I recommend you to take the opportunity to look at the GC Gym. Daniel Moloney-Inspired Image PT!


So now’s your chance to be able to reap the benefits of my generosity and access this world class performance facility.

All of my friends have called me crazy when I told them I’d rent the facility for a paltry figure of $197 per week… there’s even a a great deal for new trainers just starting out in the industry… for part time personal trainers that are working/coaching less than 10 hours per week you can access your very own private gymnasium for the amazing price of $147 per week. That’s less than the cost of 2 PT sessions!!!

Contact Jerry now on 0422 892 882 to find out more…

P.S. If you’re sick and tired of training with a million other trainers… and want to dramatically change your environment to the Ultimate facility you’ve always dreamed of,

Now’s the time to step up and make it happen…

You deserve it…

Your clients deserve it…

Contact my personal assistant Jerry on 0422 892 882 to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to train in this World Class Facility!

Keep reading to check out the amazing business and training resources you have access to as well…


Mentoring and Professional development Resources Available to Gold Coast Gymnasium Trainer

You don’t just have access to a world class training facility, you get access to an entire library of elite business and training resources developed by some of the most successful coaches, trainers and business gurus in the world….

Imagine what these Mentoring and Professional Development Resources could do for you and your business????

They’d literally sky rocket your business and take your training to another level!!

These resources are literally worth more than 50k, if you were to go an purchase them yourself…

Check out the list of amazing resources below…

Professional Development and Training Resources:

  • Charles Poliquin
  • John Berardi
  • Alwyn Cosgrove
  • Ian King
  • Eric Cressey
  • Paul Chek
  • Al Vermeil
  • Mike Robertson
  • Christian Thibedeau
  • Dave Tate
  • Nate Green

Business Development:

  • Tony Robbins
  • Richard Branson
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Ryan Lee
  • Tim Ferris
  • Brendan Nichols
  • Chris Howard
  • Jordan Belfort to name just a few..

“Training out of the Gold Coast Gymnasium has been the best decision Ive made and has literally taken my business to another level. The elite equipment provides my clients with the best workout and plenty of variety.

The facility location is ideal, right in the heart of the Gold Coast, in a fully private workout environment, no having to line up waiting for machines, you can blast the type of music you want to train too & the facility owner is a great going above and beyond what is expected to help you succeed-and always has your best interests at heart. The business and training resources that I’ve been able to access at the Gold Coast Gymnasium have been phenomenal for my professional development as a trainer!

There’s no selling, or being forced to give away free PT sessions, no bosses watching over you or having to find a car park within 100m as there’s always car parks located right at the front door 100% of the time.

If you’re stuck in a big gym with massive overheads and sick of paying over $350 a week rent. The Gold Coast Gymnasium is ideal! You can run your own business and build your brand as you please!

I thoroughly enjoy the freedom of being able to train my clients how I want, whilst having fun at an extremely affordable rental price!

Mia Bucholz Breakthrough Womens Health and Fitness